Wednesday, February 2, 2011

23 Months

Well, we almost have a 2 year old, folks. Can you believe it??? Not me! We took some time out during last weekend's fabulous warm weather and went to the park. It was SO fun! I think Hudson did the slide about 5,000 times while we were there. He even went down the slide head first on his tummy! He's usually more on the cautious side--this was a very daring move!

He loves the see-saw. It is his absolute favorite thing at the park. He and another boy that was 17 months did the see-saw together. Not a whole lot of see-sawing going on as neither could touch the ground, but it was pretty darn cute! It's much more fun when Mommy and Daddy are on the other side though!

He also loves the bucket swing. He doesn't like the big boy swing yet and I'm ok with that! I feel like he's going to fall backwards on it. The bucket swing still works great!

Look Mom, no hands!

I am loving this age. He's just fun right now. He makes me laugh on a daily basis. Whether it's telling me to "get up" or saying "silly Hudson" or "excuse me" when he burps, "your welcome" after I say thank you, and "bless you Mommy" when I sneeze, it's just so sweet to hear actual WORDS come out of his mouth! If you are crying (or acting like you are crying in most cases with us--that's what we do to get a hug!), he will come say "aww Mommy, hug," and give you the sweetest hug. He wants to make sure that we are ok! I love seeing that side of him! He's not always rough and tough!

He knows his foods too. The other night when we were driving home from work/school, he said "eat ravioli" out of the blue. That's what he wanted for dinner! And yes, I fed it to him and he ate it up. Did you know it has veggies? Tonight, he was all about some "cass-role." He also likes to tell me he wants a hot dog for breakfast, and usually if it's not a hot dog, it's mac n cheese. Don't worry, he doesn't get that for breakfast! But, you can tell what's high on his food list. Luckily, I get a lot of requests for yogurt and cheese and fruit, so it balances out (a little bit!)! Ice cream is his all time favorite though. The silly switch in him flips to on at the mere mention of ice cream.

His class at school has a blog and they post pictures and videos on just about a daily basis to let the parents get a sneak peak as to what's going on. Hudson will tell us to "look at class" and that means that he wants us to put the computer on the blog and he tells us who everyone is. He loves it as much as we do and it's sort of a fun family activity that we all do together. Speaking of school, not only does he know all of the kids in his class, he knows who their parents are and whenever we pass one of them coming in or going out (without their child I might add), he will say "Hadley Daddy" or "Caleb Mommy." I'm pretty impressed that he knows that...maybe that's just me being a proud Mommy, but knowing the kids is one thing, but knowing the parents too and who their child is--that's incredible at not even 2 years old!

He's now letting the dogs in and out our back door. That's one of the perks at this age! Ha! We don't have to get up and do it anymore! He loves the dogs...really, he loves all dogs and talks about all the dogs we know by name on a daily basis. He even says night night to all of them at bedtime.
He loves watching sing along videos, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse. The DVD player is currently in our bedroom and he knows that's where the sing along videos are and he requests the "vid-yo" to be on the "T-B." I don't mind him watching a little bit of TV. He plays all day long at school and so if he needs to sit and watch a video for a few minutes, that's totally fine with me. And, it works great on my off days when I'm by myself with him and I need to get ready for the day. I don't have to worry about him getting into things he shouldn't!

He talks a lot about Auburn football. He knows the Auburn symbol and will point it out everywhere. He has to read an Auburn book every night. It's so funny because the Auburn books that we have are more for like 4-5 year olds, but he loves them! He is starting to love playing with balls and will say "throw it Mommy" and he'll peg it at you. He's doing ok with the catching part...he likes to throw way more than he likes to catch. I guess it's because most of the time he misses and gets knocked in the face or stomach with the ball! Oops!

This kid is so smart. You tell him something once and he remembers it. The other morning we were driving to school and we passed a garbage truck. He knows garbage trucks, but I explained to him that garbage trucks pick up our trash (not thinking he understood a word of it!). Well, this morning we passed a garbage truck and he said "garbage truck pick up trash." I couldn't believe he remembered that AND said all those words together!

Happy 23 months little guy! Can't believe that next month we'll be writing about your 2nd birthday party!

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