Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't have much to share tonight. We don't have much going on...just work, work, oh and MORE work. I would normally say that it's not like we can go outside or anything and there's nothing to do in the winter, but this weather that we've been having lately has been awesome and it makes it so hard to be stuck inside! Oh well, we did enjoy ourselves immensely at the park this weekend and have also enjoyed being outside until dinnertime last night and tonight. We even made a little trip to Brusters tonight after dinner to get ice cream! It was great!

Yesterday, Hudson had his first Valentine's party at school. I feel like the worst mom. I couldn't make it. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but his class has a blog and I was looking through pictures of the party today and I think I was the only mom not there. Dagger to the heart...on Valentine's Day! I will never miss another party. Had I felt like I could have left after the party and gone back to work, it would have been fine, but I knew that Hudson wouldn't let me get away with that. Next time, I'm just going to deal with it though and make up the work later. I know what is supposed to come first, and it sure isn't work! Anyway, we took dinosaur Valentine's with hershey kisses for his classmates, so at least he wasn't empty handed. He got LOTS of goodies so he's pretty happy. I'm so not a Valentine's person. I told Joel to please not get me anything, especially flowers. I am just not a flower person, especially on Valentine's. I never can keep flowers alive--I always forget to water them! However, if I had to get flowers, I would rather Joel give me flowers on a random day during the year rather than on Valentine's Day. It's just cheesy to me, but I know everyone is different. He did give Hudson his bath and put him to bed, so I would consider that a pretty good Valentine's Day gift!

I asked Hudson today who he played with at school, knowing that the answer would be his best buddy Caleb, which it was, but he also said that he played with Hadley. In mentioning Hadley's name, he said "Hadley, push her back." Well, Hadley is adorable, teeny tiny, and is about the roughest little girl you've ever seen! I have seen her push Hudson on several occasions, which he almost always gets upset about (he really needs to toughen up!), but apparently, he has learned something new at school! I can't wait to talk to his teachers tomorrow to see if he really pushed her back and find out where in the world he got that from! I promise I don't condone pushing anyone back, but I'm pretty curious to see if he stood up for himself and find out who taught him to say that!

That's about all I know. Time to fold clothes! I know, I live a very exciting life!

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