Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Puppy!

After wearing the puppy costume OUT this year, I thought for sure that Hudson would be ok with wearing the hat by Halloween night.

What do you think?

He wanted it OFF!!! Joel and I tortured him for a little while so we could snap some pictures. But, doesn't he just look so cute?!?!? I will say that the red tongue on the hat was cute, but not designed very well as it covered his eye. I would be mad too!

Pops was able to make him happy though. Thank goodness for Pops and Migi! They make everything all better! He's the cutest puppy I've ever seen!

He loves Pops, and especially, Pops' truck! We talk about that truck ALL the time!

Unfortunately, when Mommy and Daddy want a picture on the beloved truck, without Pops, things aren't so great anymore! Go figure!

The plan was to go trick or treating at a few of the neighbors houses and then go back and man our house. We didn't think Hudson would get into it this year and since we have SO many people come by, it is sometimes more fun to be at home! Boy, were we wrong in that Hudson wouldn't be into it! That boy figured it out fast! This is House #1...

Hudson is thinking maybe this isn't so bad after all after checking out his loot!

House #2 brought a FUN, yet "scawwy" surprise! A witch!!! Notice we lost the hat...

We went to a couple other houses and then told Hudson we were heading home. Well, if that didn't create the biggest fit you've ever seen! He wanted MORE! So, I told Joel that I would take him to some more houses and Hudson had a ball. I finally got him to say "twick-tweet" at each house and he wanted to eat each piece of candy after every house. Oh and I made him wear the hat and he didn't mind it at all! He knew he looked cute and he loved getting candy. When we got home, Hudson had to show Joel EACH piece he got. It was so cute! He was proud. We let him indulge just a little bit last night...can we say sugar high?!?!?

Hudson LOVED answering the door for trick or treaters. Every time the doorbell would ring, he ran as fast as he could to the door. He really wanted to be outside in the action, but we had to draw the line somewhere and made him go to bed at 8, which was way past his normal bedtime! Sadly, we had to turn out our lights, and unfortunately, by 9 pm, our pumpkins were already smashed. Gotta love teenagers!

I would say that Halloween was a great success this year! I loved that Hudson had so much fun! Now, if we could just get rid of all this candy that we have...

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  1. This post is absolutely adorable!!! I wish I was there to go twick tweat with Hudson. Such a cutie.