Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while since I've updated the blog. I think it must be the calm before the storm with all the holidays coming up--I'm giving everyone a break because it's about to be blog overload over the next month! Things are good around here. We haven't done much the past couple of weekends, so I guess that's why I haven't updated much. I haven't even taken many pictures lately either! Shocker there! This post might be a little random, so I'm sorry!

Let's see, this little guy has been really testing us lately. The time outs are getting more frequent unfortunately, and I'm not sure they are doing much good. He just won't listen! Whether it's climbing up on our bar stools, or standing in his high chair (or, climbing in his high chair from the ground like he did the other day!), UNLOCKING the back door and going outside by himself, or feeding the dogs his food, it's just exhausting. I feel like I say "no" 8,000 times a day and I feel really bad about that. He is REALLY sweet though most of the time, and whenever we put him in time out, he always cries and then says he's sorry (more like "saw-wee"), so I feel like he knows what it is, but 5 minutes later, he's back to doing what put him in time-out to begin with.

The three of us ventured out to try the new Pita Stop restaurant in Cahaba Heights Friday night. I thought it was going to be more of a casual place since they took over a Hardee's and the one downtown is not that nice, but the new restaurant had a great feel to it and was a lot nicer than we anticipated. We loved the atmosphere and thought the food was good as well. Hudson was his usual wild self and stressed us out the whole time (why do we keep taking him with us?!?!). Fortunately, we had two grandmothers sitting in the booth behind us that endured goldfish being dropped on them and Hudson overlooking their entire meal, and they just loved him. I don't know why, but Hudson was loving their attention and even tried to go get in their booth with them. I think we yelled for the check at that point! Anyway, I'm thankful for nice people at restaurants that don't mind rowdy kids and pay them special attention. It makes the experience a lot better! During one of the many times that I apologized to the ladies, one of them said that we were the only ones that were bothered by Hudson and not to worry at all. I know that's the case most times, but you still feel like you are ruining other people's dining experiences!

I've had a couple of dinners out with friends lately and it's been great! I'm thankful that Joel lets me do that every now and then! :) Of course, he was out of town for a few nights last week so I don't feel too bad letting him do daddy duty for a night or two! We had a girl's night out with some girls from our Sunday school class at the Melting Pot last week and it was so much fun. I had never been there and the fondue thing was really fun! Next time I go, I think I'll just stick with dessert though because that was, by far, the best part! Last night, I got to spend some time with some current and former co-workers that I just love. We usually get together to celebrate a birthday and we had a fun time at Pablo's last night catching up. Joel and I also got to have a dinner out with three other couples from our Sunday school class on Sunday night at La Paz. We are really enjoying our new class and it is definitely one of the things that I'm thankful for this holiday season! It has been really fun meeting new people and making new friends with couples who are all in our same situation with small children.

Hudson got a much needed haircut last weekend. We had been getting one too many "she" comments so I knew it was time! I don't see how people get confused, but the craziest one was this man at the zoo that said he thought Hudson was a girl because of all the curls. Boys can't have curls??? News to me!

Before shot above...after shot below. He always looks so much older after a haircut! He did so well getting it cut this time. He just sat there the whole time and didn't move.

Last weekend, I went and checked out the new outlet mall in Leeds, the Shops of Grand River. I was able to knock out a good bit of Christmas shopping and bought a couple of things for myself. It was really nice and I'll definitely go back!

Mom and I have also been doing some wedding planning for my sister! It is so fun to get to do this all over again. I only wish that Carrie could be here with us though. It's hard when the bride lives in LA! All I can say is that I'm glad I have a boy! Gosh, weddings are expensive! I keep reminding Dad that this is the last one, his baby, and he's totally free after this is over! Well, I guess you never know with Carrie, but hopefully he'll be done after this! Ha!

I hate that this picture below is blurry because he's making such a sweet face. How can you get mad at that face???

Today, Hudson's school had their Thanksgiving feast. I think Hudson was really confused as to why I was there and we weren't leaving. He kept saying "go, go" and clung to me the entire time. He thought I was going to leave without him. I did witness several parents that left without their kids and it was heartbreaking! Anyway, Hudson wouldn't eat a bit of his Thanksgiving feast and wouldn't let me put him down for a second so it was a bit of a disaster. I was looking forward to watching him play with his buddies and see how he interacted, but all he wanted was Mama. Oh well, maybe next year! I wasn't able to get any pictures of him with his friends, but a sweet mom took a picture of the two of us so at least I have that! Side note...I thought that today was school colors day, but apparently that was yesterday so while all the other kids were wearing their cute turkey outfits, Hudson was decked out in Auburn. I'm awful--he did have a fun time pointing out Aubie to everyone who would listen!

I sure am thankful to be this boy's Mama (even when he acts up!)!!!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I know that we are really looking forward to being with our families. We have so much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays of the year and I can't wait!!!

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