Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 Months

Hudson turned 20 months old yesterday. I can't believe we're just 4 short months away from his 2nd birthday! Time is flying by (and yes, I know I always say that!).

Hudson is really just a pure joy to be around these days. It seems like the fits have subsided (for now and I should probably knock on wood for saying that!) and he's an overall happy toddler for the most part. I think it helps that we are able to communicate a little better with him now than before. Of course, we have our moments, but that's mostly when he's sleepy and obviously when he doesn't get something that he wants. :) Boy, that doesn't happen much...ha!

Hudson is starting to string words together. He is getting really good at saying two or three words at a time. He repeats EVERYTHING that we say. Everything.

He is Mr. Independent right now. He has to do everything by himself. This includes eating, brushing teeth (although we have to take charge on this one), stairs, and much much more. He won't let me hold him much anymore--it's always "walk walk" and wrestling out of my arms when I try. He loves to tell you no. Hudson, do you want to take a bath? No. Hudson, do you want to brush your teeth? No. Hudson, eat your food. No.

Hudson is still in the identifying everything stage. He points out everything to us, and he is always telling us who we are, and who he is as well. He can identify most of our family members in photographs. He also knows what Joel's car looks like and every time we pass one of them on the road, he will point to it and say Daddy. When I am dressing him, he will say, diaper, pants, shirt, socks, and shoes at the appropriates times.

He loves stacking his alphabet blocks and telling us where all the animals are on each block. He is also really interested in his alphabet train now and can tell you what is on each block for the most part. He has also really gotten into building blocks! This has been really fun to see how high Hudson can stack them before he gets frustrated and knocks them all down! Joel and I also play a game to see who can make the highest tower before Hudson knocks it down. We don't usually get very far! He is all boy for sure.

We've been working on colors, numbers, and ABC's lately. Right now, if you ask him what color something is, he will always say blue, so that's a work in progress. He knows, red, green, yellow, and purple as well, but right now, if you ask him, he's going to say it is blue. At least it's not pink! Ha! He will always say two after you say one (and sometimes will say "free" for three as well), and the other day he was playing with a toy that was counting numbers and I swear he said, six, seven, eight, but maybe that was just a coincidence. He hasn't done it again! He loves the ABC song and his mouth is always moving when we sing it, like he's memorizing it. Hopefully, he'll be singing along with me soon! We all know I need the help singing!

Hudson is in a squealing phase at 20 months. We were in the car a couple of weeks ago and Hudson let out this huge squeal out of the blue. I just about jumped out of my seat and lost control of the car, and Hudson starts laughing uncontrollably. He really got me that time! His squeals are totally ear piecing, but such a good noise at the same time if you know what I mean (Joel hates it, but I think it's kind of cute when I'm not about to wreck the car). He's just plain silly a lot of the time and that's what makes it so fun right now!

Eating has gotten a lot better! He is trying more things now instead of just turning up his nose if it doesn't look appealing. I would get so mad when he wouldn't even try it, but now, if he tries it and then decides he doesn't like it, I'm ok with that. Still no veggies, but we're trying to sneak them in some things if we can. Oh and he tried dirt last week and by the looks of it, I think he really liked it! :)

Happy 20 months little man! We love you!!!


  1. I need to just copy and paste your posts to update on ML :) They would probably be one big mess together! He's getting so big - I loved the Halloween pics. The puppy costume was too cute!

  2. Ditto to the comment above...Carter & Hudson are SOOOO alike it is crazy!!!! I say after the holidays we really try to get these boys together...I think they would have a ball with each other. :)