Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Survived

Hudson had to have surgery yesterday morning. It was nothing major, but he still had to be put all the way under and that is what scared us the most! We had to be at Children's Hospital at 6 am yesterday morning (and we couldn't feed him after 3 am, so I got up at 3 to give him a bottle just so he wouldn't be starving while we were waiting at the hospital), so needless to say, we had a long day! He got to go home yesterday so luckily we did not have to spend the night. He came out fine though and seems to be doing well. He was so pitiful yesterday, but today, he is doing much better. He is in his Auburn gear and is ready for the game tonight!

Thanks to everyone who called us and sent us messages yesterday. We really appreciate you keeping us in your prayers. I'm so relieved it is over! We knew since he was a day old that he was going to have this procedure done at 6 months, but that still didn't make it any easier! We have had a very low key day today, and we are looking forward to watching the Auburn Tigers play tonight! WAR EAGLE!!!

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