Saturday, September 19, 2009


There just might be a dimple on this cute boy! It might be a shadow, but it sure does look like one! We've been thinking that he has them, but his cheeks are so fat that sometimes it is hard to tell. His mama sure would be happy if he did have them, but if not, I'll survive. He's still so darn precious!

War Eagle! We are super glad we decided to stay home this weekend and not go the is a hurricane down there right now! It is hard to believe that Joel and I DROVE 13 hours to West Virginia last year for this game. Wow, we hope we never ever have to go back there again! Those people were so rude! I have never been yelled at and cussed at like we were at that game. The campus was awful too. It is nothing compared to Auburn's beautiful campus (or even Alabama's for that matter--no comparison!). Oh and there is NOTHING in West Virginia. I will say that there was some pretty scenery! And, Joel and I named Hudson on this trip so it was good for something!

I think Hudson is the cutest baby in the world even if he has been a little stinker today! He doesn't look it in these pictures, but he was NOT happy today at all! Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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