Wednesday, September 2, 2009

6 Month Stats

Weight: 19.4 oz. (75th percentile)
Height: 27 1/4 in. (75th percentile)
Head: 17.5 in. (Woohoo, on the chart this time! I don't remember the percentile though...probably 90th or something like that, but hey, at least we're not off in left field on this one this time!)

Well, as I had suspected, Hudson has dropped a little on the weight and height percentile chart. I thought that might be the case because he has been in the same clothes for a long time now and to me, he didn't look like he had grown all that much since his 4 month appointment. Don't get me wrong, he's still a chunker, but we're not in the 90th percentile like we were before! Dr. Cortopassi said this would happen too and his growth will probably slow even more once he gets moving. He said all is well though and we have one healthy little boy!

Hudson did great on his 5 shots too! He cried a little, but nothing like the last time. I was relieved because I had him by myself this time. Normally, Joel comes along too, but he didn't this morning. It was fine though! He got part one of the flu shot and we have to go back in a month for the next one. The doctor also said that he will have to get the swine flu shot as well, but it is anybody's guess as to when that will be available. Speaking of the swine flu, we are lucky at Greenvale that there is a wellness center that is not a part of the regular doctor's office, so when we go for Hudson's well baby checkups, we don't have to enter into a room full of sick children every time. The doctor said that they are treating over 250 kids a day right now...and just yesterday, there were TWENTY confirmed cases of swine flu, with a couple of kids needing to be admitted to the hospital. So...we are steering clear of that place for a while!

Hudson has been pulling at his right ear for the past week or so, and I asked Dr. Cortopassi about that because I didn't want it to be another ear infection. His ears were perfectly fine, and he said that he will probably be getting a tooth on the right side soon if he's pulling on his right ear. He said that when a tooth comes in, it makes the whole jaw hurt and the ear is just the easiest thing for babies to pull on. So...any day now would be great! I gotta say...I'm not a huge fan of teething!

Dr. Cortopassi also said to start feeding Hudson solids two to three times a day now and see how he takes it. I was a little worried about doing that before because I really don't think Hudson knows his limits when it comes to eating and I didn't want to overfeed him. He did say that baby food doesn't have many calories in it, and his main nutrition is still the milk so I shouldn't worry about that. This solid food stuff really makes me stress out though. I want to be told when to feed him and how much at a time. Nobody really tells you that. They just say it is up to the baby and every baby is different. Well, that doesn't help me much! I'm sure I will get used to it though and laugh at myself a few months from now at stressing over this. This motherhood thing is hard!

Besides going back for the flu shot, we don't have to go back until Hudson is 9 months old. I'm so glad everything went well! Hudson is doing great!

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  1. Yay Hudson! Glad the visit went well!! I will send you an email in regards to solid foods and how I did it with Claudia.