Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been a little slow on the blog recently, so I apologize about that. Honestly, there hasn't been a whole lot to blog about. I took most of last week off work since Hudson had his surgery last Friday and they didn't want him to be at daycare that week for fear he might get sick (they wouldn't do the surgery if he was sick). My friend Allyson was here for part of the time. She gave me a much needed mommy's night out last Wednesday! We met some girls at the Tavern for some wine and good food, and that was a ton of fun. Joel was out of town all last week, so I needed the little break! Then, last weekend, we were pretty much cooped up in the house so that Hudson could get better quickly. Which, by the way, we have got the toughest kid on the block! We only had to give him pain meds the first couple of days and then he was fine! Thank goodness for that! He went back to daycare on Wednesday of this week and things are starting to get back to normal. I don't think daycare was too pleased that he was SO off his schedule, but that's what you get when he's home for almost a week and a half! Oh well!

Hudson slept in our room the night of his surgery through a couple of days ago. We didn't want him being so far away from us, so he slept in the pack n play. It was funny because for the first couple of months of his life, he slept in our room. We were so happy when he finally started sleeping in his crib upstairs because, a. it meant he was sleeping most of the way through the night, and b. we didn't have to tiptoe around all the time! Anyway, having him sleep in our room these past few days really made us miss those days. Then, on top of things, I met little 6 week old Katelyn Kline this past weekend and wow, it gave me major baby fever! I just don't remember Hudson ever being that small, and she was SO sweet! They grow up way too fast. I know I have said this before, but it is really amazing how quickly you forget those first couple of months that were SO hard with a baby. I can't even believe that I am having these thoughts! Go away! We are not having another one any time soon!

Hudson has become a little roly poly over the past few weeks. He started rolling over right at 3 months, but he wasn't really interested in doing it that much, and when he got on his tummy, it was terrible! Well, over the past couple of weeks, he has decided that he would rather sleep on his tummy in his crib. We put him in on his back, and he rolls right over. It is so frustrating! I know that all the books say that when they are old enough to get themselves in that position, it is no need to worry, but I do! We spent the first couple of nights going in his room every few hours and turning him back over, but we have since given up on that! Now, he rolls across the den floor all day long too! It is hilarious. Forget crawling...he just rolls to where he needs to go! He is still wanting to crawl, but has not figured it out yet. He can almost get up on all fours, but that's about it. Allyson and I visited a friend of hers last week who has a little boy a few weeks younger than Hudson and he was already crawling. It has given me a complex, but I know he will crawl when he wants to. I do think it is still a bit early...this other child must be really advanced for his age!

The other day, Hudson was sitting in the den and our dog, Chloe, decided she wanted to play with him. She crouched down and started barking at him. Joel and I both thought that the bottom lip would quickly come out and he would start screaming because she was scaring him, but instead, he laughed so hard at her and didn't stop! It was so funny! I ran to grab the video camera and of course, the batteries were dead. It never seems to work when I need it! Anyway, I'm hoping it will happen again so I can put a video on here. We were laughing so hard at the two of them.

I have a little update on the last car that landed almost in our backyard (I had a post about it about a month ago). Anyway, we had heard that it was a teenager, but apparently, our next door neighbor heard it happen in the middle of the night and she drove out to the road to see if everyone was ok. She also called 911. Well, she couldn't find anyone near the car, so she went home. When she got home, there was a girl in her 20s or so in her driveway, drunk as a skunk. She had one shoe on (the other one was in our backyard!). She said that she needed to go inside. Our neighbor took her into the house and the girl called her husband, who said there was no way he was coming to pick her up. If you read the original post about this, we also found a MAN'S flip flop in our yard. She was not alone...maybe explains why her husband wouldn't come pick her up! Ha! Oh and our neighbor said the girl just kept the one heel on the whole time instead of taking it off...she said it was so funny watching this drunk girl with one heel on walking around. What an idiot! Anyway, the Trussville police finally came...note...Trussville police...we live in Vestavia. They couldn't do anything becuase they weren't in their jurisdiction, so they told the girl to get out of there fast before the Vestavia police got there because they would give her a DUI. Aren't you so proud of our 911 and police system? First of all, if there really was an emergency, I wouldn't want to wait for the Trussville police to get there when there is a fire department right in our neighborhood. Secondly, I'm so glad they just let people go who are in no place to drive. This is why people get killed by drunk drivers! Enough of my soapbox, but it really makes me mad. Anyway, the girl got a friend to come pick her up and that was that.

Sorry, this ended up being a long post. I guess I did have more to blog about than I thought! We thought we might go the Auburn game this weekend, but decided not to go. These late games are killing us! I used to love the night games, but now with no place to stay and a child, we just can't get home at 2 am and then be up at 6 when he wakes up. It is too hard! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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