Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cabin Weekend

Hudson and I headed up to the cabin on Thursday night. We had gotten Hudson's big boy room and the baby's room painted, and, Joel needed some uninterrupted time to finish the swing set, so the two of us headed out of town for a couple of days. While we missed Joel, we had so much fun with my parents and then Carrie and Andres came up Friday night and brought sweet little Kobe, so it really was a good time.

Friday, we headed to Chattanooga to the zoo. They were having a big dinosaur exhibit that we thought Hudson would love since he's really into dinosaurs these days. Unfortunately, the dinosaur exhibit was a bit scary for Hudson and he refused to go in, but we did have a great time going through the rest of the zoo.

After the zoo, we had a great lunch in downtown Chattanooga and then headed back to the cabin for naps and waited on Carrie and Andres to get there. Once they arrived, we headed to the Cam court for some fun!

Kobe is SO cute!!!

We rode riding toys...

Hudson "drove" the tractor. He actually let us take him on several rides this time and he loved it! After one ride with Big Daddy, Hudson stayed on the tractor while Big Daddy walked away, and Hudson said, "Big Daddy, I NEED the key!" It was so funny. He was ready to take off on his own!

We all played some basketball...

And Hudson just LOVED being with Aunt Carrie!

Hudson even did some cleaning on the Cam court! We had so much fun watching him play while enjoying our beverages and listening to music while the sun set. It was a great night. The weather was fabulous up there. We were outside the entire time, day and night, and didn't sweat a bit. It was a nice break from the weather here!

Of course, on Friday when Joel was supposed to be finishing the swing set, it rained. It had not rained in weeks here and the one day we needed it not to rain, it did. Oh well, we needed it desparately! Joel was able to finish the bulk of the swingset Saturday morning and we got home around lunchtime.

Saturday night, we had dinner and ice cream with the Kincaids in Homewood. It was so fun getting the boys together. They are starting to play so well together. Unfortunately, as soon as we got home, I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandmother had fallen and I needed to go to the ER to sit with her until they could drive back from the cabin. I headed over there around 9 and sat with her. Poor thing was all out of sorts so I was glad I was there. She ended up breaking two bones in her pelvis and also a bone in her wrist, but the good news is that they don't think she'll need surgery. She's 92, so surgery would be a huge deal for her.

Despite late Saturday night, the weekend was wonderful and I hate that it is already over! By the way, the swing set is officially done and Hudson has had a blast on it so far! It only took 2 months to get it done, but that's what you get when you don't have a level yard (and a husband that has had to work really hard these past couple of months at work and hasn't had much time for anything else!). I know Hudson is glad to have it done! Now, if the heat would just cool down just a little bit, it would be even better!

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