Monday, May 30, 2011

Vacation, Part 1

We are finally back home from a great week of vacation. We took so many pictures that I'm just going to have to break this up into a few posts.

The first stop on the road trip was Albany, Georgia, for a wedding. One of Joel's good friends from high school and college got married there and we really wanted to go. We decided to make a stop in Albany on the way to the beach and we are so glad that we did! It was good to see Greg and the wedding was beautiful and reception was a lot of fun.

We didn't leave as early on Saturday as we were hoping to leave, since it was over a 4 hour car ride and we lost an hour due to the time change. We got stuck in traffic on 65 due to road work and then we didn't time lunch very well and ended up having to stop in Union Springs, AL at the only place there to eat...Mickey D's. I went to the restroom in McDonald's and when I came out, there was a homeless man (on some kind of drugs) sitting in the booth next to Hudson, asking Joel for money. Joel gave him the amount of change that he asked for, and then the guy proceeded to ask for more and would not leave! He finally got up and proceeded to heckle all the other customers the entire time we were there. I was very uncomfortable and couldn't wait to get out of there! Anyway, after lunch, we cranked up the DVD player and Hudson got his fill of garbage trucks and fire trucks for the next few hours! He really did so well on the drive.

We made it to our hotel 30 minutes before the wedding was starting. We had to change clothes, and Joel quickly realized that he had no dress socks. We weren't in the best part of town, but Joel refused to just go to the wedding in what he had so he drove to the Family Dollar about a mile away and bought some socks, and then came back to the hotel to change. We actually made it to our seats in the church with a minute to spare! Phew! We were sweating bullets (it was like 100 degrees in Albany!), and we had been in such a rush, but we made it. It was Hudson's first wedding experience and we had tried to drill in him that he needed to be quiet. We had some toys and some crayons, but that didn't stop the fidgeting and Joel kept getting looks from the lady next to him, so halfway through the ceremony, Joel told me to get him out of there! Oh well, he really was quiet...he just couldn't sit still. I saw what I wanted to know, the important things like the bride's dress and the bridesmaids, etc. It was in a beautiful old church in downtown Albany and the bride looked stunning!

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception at the country club in Albany. It was part inside and part outside, with a dance floor outside. We found out while we were there that we were "below the gnat line" and the gnats were terrible, but despite that, it was a good reception and Hudson did really well there. Joel got to see some of his old college buddies as well as got a short visit with the groom, so it was well worth the trip! We were glad to be able to go. It was so frantic getting out of the hotel to the wedding that I forgot my camera. I snapped the pictures below to document we were there! Ha!

Hudson was a wild man in the hotel room. He thought it was so cool to get to sleep with Mommy and Daddy, although he absolutely will not do it at home (which we know is a good thing!).

We actually slept pretty good with him in the bed, although he liked to sleep sideways and unfortunately my belly was at the end of his feet. I slept with a pillow over my stomach for most of the night to protect little baby boy! Haha.

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to the beach! We were so excited to get there. It was about a 3 hour drive from Albany, so we were there by lunchtime and ready for a fun afternoon. We first had to go find a swim shirt for Hudson because Mama made a sunscreen mistake on his poor back at his class pool party and he got burned. I felt so bad and wanted to make sure we did everything we could to keep him from getting too much sun at the beach! We finally found one and then hit the grocery store before heading back to the beach for some pool and beach time. Hudson LOVED the pool. He jumped off the side probably a thousand times. We then went to the beach for a little while and Hudson tolerated the sand. He wasn't 100% sure, but didn't hate it. He kept calling it "the big sand box." So cute. He did not like the ocean. We cooked in that night and got to bed early so we could have a fun filled day on Monday.

Monday started with a walk through Alys Beach and then a trip to the pool and the beach for the morning.

He loved wearing "Mr. Crab" (his floaty thing) and kept telling us that Mr. Crab would hold him up. So cute! He really did good kicking his legs and using his arms to swim.

I got so much joy watching Joel and Hudson play in the water. He just loves his Daddy!

This picture below cracks me up because Hudson is staring at none other than....

The beloved "blowerman". He watched the man do the blower for forever! He was so fascinated!

The sand was still "ok" on Monday for Hudson. He helped his Daddy dig a big hole and build a sandcastle.

This was Hudson running away from the water. He did not like it one bit.

Lunchtime arrived and Hudson got his first popsicle. Let's just say the sun won the popsicle battle and it all melted before he could finish it!

We got Hudson in the ocean after naptime. It was short-lived, but at least he did it!

That night, we headed to the Red Bar for dinner. Hudson was SO exhausted that this was how he acted most of the dinner...

He finally perked up a little bit and bothered another table that was on the other side of the curtain. Thankfully, they were good sports about it!

We made it back to the condo just in time to see the sun go down. Hudson had his "basketball goal" with him (that is what he called the fishing net no matter how many times we corrected him!). We tried to get him to go down in the sand to catch crabs (not that I really wanted to do that anyway--crabs are not my thing!), but he refused--an obvious sign of things to come for the rest of the week with the sand!

I can't get enough of this place...

Ok, enough for one night. More pictures to come on another night!

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