Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well, He Did It

I think buying big boy furniture must have been a jinx. I was telling someone at work early this week that we had bought the furniture, but since Hudson still loves his crib and has never tried to get out, that we would probably wait until late summer to make the transition. I have eaten my words!

I came out of my room this morning to head upstairs and get him up for the day, and was shocked to find him in the kitchen! I think he was looking for breakfast! :)

This was shortly after I found him. He was so proud of himself and told me immediately that he had climbed out (as if I couldn't tell!).

Not only did he make it out of the crib, quietly I might add (I heard no "thump" like I thought I would the first time he did it, especially since his room is right above ours!), but he went down a flight of stairs with his Ra-Ra, the beloved dog on the lawnmower above, AND a blanket, and of course the paci in the mouth that is supposed to stay in the crib with Ra-Ra. Now, tell me how he held onto the stairs too?!?! It scares me to death to think about. I'm glad I didn't actually see it, and so thankful that he did not fall. I never heard anything on the monitor. He was a quiet escapee.

Tonight should be interesting! Maybe he will forget that he did that this morning! Ha! Thankfully, his new furniture will be here in a couple of weeks, but I've got to get cracking on getting the room ready. I thought I had all summer!

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