Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of Year Party

Hudson had his end of the year party today at school. His teachers thought it would be fun to have a pool/water party and it was a total hit! They loved it!

We attempted a class picture. This was the best we could get with ten 2 year olds!

Hudson was a wild man and didn't hold back at all. He was all over the place, splashing everyone, jumping in the pools, dumping water on his head. He had NO fear!

I never thought they could get ten kids holding hands in a circle doing Ring Around the Rosie, but they sure did and it was adorable!

At the end, all the kids clapped for their teachers. Hudson has loved his teachers this year and thankfully, they will be his teachers for the summer as well. I wish I had gotten a picture of Hudson with the three of them, but it was a crazy day with all those kids running around. It's going to be rough saying goodbye to them in September, but I'm sure that there will be a great new group of teachers next year!

Summer is here! Yay!

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