Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo Day

A few Saturdays ago, Joel had to do a full day of yardwork, so Hudson and I ventured out to the zoo. I didn't realize that we were going on the opening weekend of the new Trails of Africa exhibit, but luckily, the crowds weren't terrible. We really did have a blast! Hudson LOVED the elephants, lions, and the tiger. He roared at the lion and the tiger! He walked up to every animal and said, "Hey, so and so, how you doin'?" He also said "See you later" when we left them. He told everyone that the gorilla was chewing gum.

The train was a nice break from all the walking. I was in "wear the kid out" mode and refused to take a stroller, so I was ready to sit down too!

They put the carousel in the worst place! Obviously, I know it was designed that way, but you can't go to the petting zoo or kids area without them seeing this thing, and of course, it isn't free! Oh well, he loved it.

He wanted to ride the giraffe, which didn't go up or down at all. I tried to tell him that, but he was dead set on riding that giraffe! I, of course, kept one hand on him while we were going round and round, and he kept shoving my hand off of him. He's SO independent!

It was a really hot day, and they had the splash pad open. I think we will be back a lot this summer! I'm thinking, really hot day, big and pregnant, and sitting in the shade watching Hudson have the time of his life. I'm not sure it's going to get much better!

I let him just get soaked in his clothes. I wasn't prepared for it to be open this early!

And I was that poor mother carrying out her soaking wet child, wrestling him the whole time, while he screamed bloody murder because he didn't want to leave. That was fun. Ha! It was a great day though. You take the good with the bad to see your child have a blast!

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