Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beautiful Day at the Park (and Recap of Our Weekend With CJ!)

We have had a wonderful weekend! Carrie was in town again this weekend and brought home her boyfriend, Andres, from LA. We were so glad to finally meet him! Carrie's has not brought home very many boys in her life for us to meet, and let's just say her taste in men has always been a little different. Well, much to our surprise, Andres was great! We all loved him and thought he and Carrie made such a cute couple. We are so glad that she has him out in LA to take care of her! She needs it! Anyway, of course I took no pictures of the two of them to post here, but they were cute.

We all hung out at Mom and Dad's on Thursday night. Mom cooked a yummy lasagna and we ate and drank the night away! Haha, Andres probably thinks we are a bunch of alcoholics with the amount of wine and beer we took out, but it was a great time. Friday, my mom kept Hudson while Carrie, Andres, and I went to lunch and then showed him around Birmingham. He had never been to Birmingham, much less the south, so we took him to Vulcan and drove around town. He is from Oregon and he said Birmingham looks a lot like Oregon. Who knew!?!?

Friday night, Joel and I went to Mafiosa's in Crestline with Megan and Reese and baby Hunt. It was a lot of fun and great pizza too! Hudson and Hunt are going to be best friends!

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day! We went out to Trussville to watch Blaine play soccer and then came back to watch Alabama stomp Kentucky. Hudson and I took a great nap during the second half of the Alabama game and then we headed down to the park for a little play time! Hudson had fun in the swing and also went down the slide a few times! I know that we have many years at the park ahead of us and I can't wait to chase Hudson around out there! Here are some pictures at the park.

Saturday night, I went to my friend Anna's wedding. Joel stayed home and kept Hudson and watched the Auburn game. I was able to catch the second half of the game and wow, Auburn looks good this year! I'm so glad! Who would have thought we would be 5-0?!?! Awesome!
We met my family for lunch today at Old Overton for one final get-together before Carrie and Andres had to head to the airport. It was a lot of fun too and very good food! I was a little sad that it was already time for her to leave. At least we get to see her for a whole week at Christmas! I'm counting down!
I think we are all in for a big nap this afternoon after this busy weekend! It was a lot of fun though. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!

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