Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rocking, Downward Dog, Puffs, and a Funny!

Well, Hudson is STILL not crawling. I swear a month ago we were giving him a week before we knew he would be on the go, but he has still not figured it out.

He is up on all fours rocking back and forth. He tries to take a step and then collapses. He is very persistent though. If he falls, he's right back up there trying again!

He also assumes the "downward dog" position for all you fellow yoga-ers. For all you non fellow yoga-ers, it is like a bear crawl. He's on his hands and feet with his bottom straight up in the air. That hasn't seemed to work either, but wouldn't that be funny if that is how he crawls???

He does get to where he needs to go though. I'm not sure how, but he can get across the room when I'm not looking.
I thought he looks like such a BOY in this picture below. I mean, I know he is a boy, but he just really looks like one to me!

We've started giving him puffs. Some people call it "baby crack", but Hudson isn't very interested in eating them just yet. I will put one in his mouth and he just gags like it is choking him. They are supposed to dissolve in his mouth, but he doesn't even let it get to that point before he spits it back out! I think it is still early, but they have worked to occupy Hudson for a little while. He loves to pick them up and hit them on the high chair, and then throws them down to the dogs. The dogs love puffs way more than Hudson does!

And a quick funny to end this post on. I got another hilarious note on the daycare sheet this week. It said, "Hudson had a great time today dancing with scarves." Should I be worried????

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