Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Circus and a Big Fancy Wedding

I think we were pretty much crazy to pack in all that we did last weekend, but we had so much fun! The circus came to town and we've sort of made it an annual thing with the boys so we just had to go. The only conflict was that Joel's cousin Allison was getting married and so Friday and Saturday wouldn't work, and then Joel was leaving again for Houston Sunday so that really wasn't going to work. So, our only option was Thursday night. Joel booked a flight that got home at 6:20 and so we picked him up and headed straight there. Joel was thrilled. :)

It started at 7...on a school I was a little worried about how that would go seeing as though their bedtimes are before 8. But, they did great. The circus is so entertaining that it's pretty difficult to fall asleep!

 My favorites, the elephants.

 And the poodles were SO cute!!!

 We got home a little before 10 and I decided to let the boys sleep in the next morning. Of course, they only slept 30 minutes later than normal so that didn't really work in our favor! Hudson loved being checked in to school a little late though!

After a full work day and a play date after school with the Kincaid's, we shipped the boys off to Big Mama and Big Daddy's for the night. We had a big fancy rehearsal dinner to go to for Allison and Chris at the Tutwiler!

 We had a great time celebrating them and hearing lots of stories. The food was delicious too!

Hudson had a basketball game at 9 am the next morning, so we were up and out early. I finally took my big camera with me, but these pictures are terrible! A certain little 3 year old was a wild man the entire time and so I didn't get to watch much of the game. Hudson is getting the hang of it though. He still loves it.

 After the game, we headed to the Reed's house for lunch with the extended family and then it was home for much needed naps. My parent's came and picked the boys up a couple of hours later and took them to see Paddington at the movie theater. They all loved it! Cousin Morgan went along with them (I think Mom and Dad needed a little help with our wild guys!). They all spent the night with my parents again so all was right with the world!

Then we got ready for the big fancy wedding! It was black tie so it was fun to get all spiffed up, even though tying bow ties is REALLY not Joel's thing--thankful Jordan was here to get him ready, ha! We will be going to buy a clip on for next time! :)

 We had a driver for the night so that was kind of fun too. He even took a picture of all of us!

 The wedding was at the Florentine building downtown. It was really nice and Allison was just beautiful! Her theme was the 1920's so every detail including her dress had that sort of feel to it. The father/daughter dance was the best I have ever seen too! They did a slow dance to some song I can't even remember and at the end of it, the tape started skipping and we all thought it was messing up...but then they broke out into a dance and it was fabulous. There was definitely a lot of practice that went into it and apparently no one knew they were going to do it! My phone did not like the light in that room so these pictures are dark, but you get the idea!

 They had bits and pieces of a bunch of different songs...this one looks like Thriller.

We had a really, really fun night. And, ended it back at the Tutwiler WITH the bride and groom who hung out all night with everyone! We got home entirely too late, but it was worth it!

It was an exhausting weekend and we are all still recovering, including the kids who stayed up every night until 10! We will be sleeping a lot this weekend coming up!

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