Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Lately

Well, it's been a few weeks. Clearly busy season at work has taken over, not to mention the news of being acquired by a national accounting firm--right in the middle of the busiest time of year, so that has caused a lot of distraction. And we're still rocking along with Joel in Houston every week. All of this leaves very little time for blogging right now! I had my first melt down two weeks ago today and thankfully Joel got the message and he took vacation last week. He was Mr. Mom for the week and it could not have come at a better time. Really, it might rank up there as being the best Valentine's gift ever. :) Can you tell my love language is acts of service?!?! We are just about to take him to the airport, so we are all a little sad right now!

We had a great play date at Treetop one Saturday morning with a couple of Hudson's old friends from preschool. We had never been to Treetop before, but it was a lot of fun!

 Hudson got the Good Character Award at school a couple of weeks ago! We are so proud of him! He got a blue ribbon, a certificate, and his favorite part, a gift certificate to Chick Fil A!

As I mentioned earlier, the week before last was particularly bad. Harrison was just a total terror that week, especially at bed time. Screamed for hours and would not go to bed. So, Hudson decided he would help out and sleep with him one night and they were just so sweet. You would never know from the picture below how bad of a week it was. I learned the next day why it was such a bad week for Harrison--he had strep! Poor thing!

Hudson had his last basketball game of the season a week ago. He scored TWO goals! We were so proud of him. He came so far this season and it was just fun to end on such a good note!

Baseball started the very next day. No rest for the weary! Two practices a week (including one at 4 pm on a Wednesday--just perfect for working parents in general, but when it's just me to handle it, it is even worse!). So far, Hudson is LOVING baseball though so it is all worth it! He looks so darn cute in his baseball outfit! 

Cuties before church one day!

Big Daddy gave the boys this basketball game for Christmas and Joel finally put it together last week. It has provided hours of entertainment for all of us! And for the record, no one has topped my score yet! Ha!

 Hudson had his Valentine's Party at school on Thursday. Joel went so I could work, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures. And then he was supposed to go to Harrison's party on Friday, but Hudson got some crazy virus Thursday night and Friday and so I took Harrison. He has such a sweet class!

 This is Harrison's little girlfriend, Hannah. She is literally half his size (most of the kids are in his class!), but Hannah is all we hear about! And Hannah's mom says all she hears about is Harrison! Young love! :)
 We had a very low key Valentine's Day yesterday. We just hung out all day and then cooked steaks last night at home. My perfect kind of day.

My sweet little firefighters! They are at such a great age right now. They play so well together...and fight too, but that's to be expected!

 So, the BEST news over the past couple of weeks is that Carrie is done with her treatments and had her brain scan and it was CLEAR! We are obviously thrilled with this news and ready for Carrie to move on! She still has to have her full body scan, but hopefully we'll get more good news with that! I just love this picture of her jumping for joy! It is definitely something to celebrate!

We are preparing for some winter weather this week and I'm really hoping we get something out of it! Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I'm back!

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