Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mercedes Kids Marathon

We are having yet another weather delay this morning, so why not catch up on the blog?!? Hudson did the Mercedes Kids Marathon last Saturday. He had been talking about it for months, because if your parents signed you up, you got a shoe on the wall with your name on it in the gym and to him, that was really important! They worked all fall to run their 25.2 miles in PE, with the final mile to be done last Saturday. He was so excited!
I was a little less than excited. It sounded like it would be mass chaos and I was a little afraid to let Hudson just go run by himself. I had this fear that we wouldn't find him after it was over, what if he gave up during the race, and all these things kept running through my mind. Kindergarten was supposed to run at 11:45 or something like that (without parents), and if you wanted to run with your kids, you could do it around noon with all the grades. I went dressed and ready to run because we just really didn't know what the deal would be and I wanted to be prepared to run with him if I had to.
We met up with buddies when we got down there and they quickly told us moms that they were NOT running with us! I guess that was too embarrassing! Ha! So, we had to buck up and let it go and just hope and pray they made it!
 So they took the kids off to go line up and it was a little scary letting them go. Once we saw Hudson though on the starting block, we had a little sigh of relief that he made it with the group! He's in the front row on the far right in the picture below. They let them go in waves so it wasn't complete chaos at the start...good idea!

 And they are off!

I figured we had around 10-15 minutes to get over to the finish line, which was just on the other side of Lynn Park.

Joel and I split up so he could get some pictures, and I headed to the finish line. I'm really glad I didn't dilly dally around because he made it just over 9 minutes! He was moving! He and Luke were still together and still smiling! They lost Emmett somewhere along the way though.
 I'm pretty happy I didn't have to run with him because I'm not so sure I could have done the mile in that time! Ha!

 Luke and Hudson with their medals!

 One happy boy!
While there were so many kids everywhere, this was SO organized. After the race, they took the kids and put them in pens based on their bib number. And, we had something we had to show to claim our child. So, it was safe too.

He cannot wait to do another race! He had that much fun! And I will admit, it was fun to watch. We were so proud of him! We will definitely be doing it again next year!

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