Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Week of Staycation

We've had a fun week since Christmas! It's been a very rainy one though, which has been super tough on the kids. We've had to come up with stuff to do nearly every day. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish while I was off these past two weeks and I'm proud to say that I've crossed everything off the list! I have cleaned out every single closet in the house and gone through all the toys, which resulted in one big trip to Goodwill on Monday (had to get one last tax deduction!). I've reorganized the pantry. And we've made a pretty good dent in cleaning out the basement.
We threw in some activities with the kids too. On Tuesday, we just had to get outside. It wasn't raining, but it was SO cold. We had to do something though so we headed to the zoo.
 It was a horrible day to go to the zoo. It was too cold for a lot of the animals to be out, so I feel like we did a lot of walking for nothing! Ha! The boys had fun though.

 I was thankful that we missed the train (it was going to be one really cold ride) so I talked the boys into doing the carousel instead this time. Harrison is still telling everyone we didn't get to ride the train. I tried! He looks like he's having fun though!

 We got a little bit of trampoline action in between rain, and one day, the boys went out there and jumped IN the rain. They were sopping wet, but it got some energy out. The squeals that came from it were hard to beat too.

 On Wednesday, Joel took the boys to the McWane Center to see the model trains. They had a blast!

Then that night, we headed to the Schreiner's house to ring in the new year! I don't even think that this was all the kids...

 It was a little crazy. Sweet Brandy hired a babysitter to corral the kids...poor girl had no idea what she was in for. She did make out like a bandit that night though.

 Then on New Year's Day, we headed to the Bridges' to watch the Auburn game and eat brunch.

 Love this kid.
 Sweet boys were SO tired from the night before. They were so cute all wrapped up watching a movie!
The Auburn game was quite disappointing, but at least we were with good friends!

It's been a fun week, and the boys have learned to let Mom and Dad sleep in past 8 every single day. Hooray!!! Even still though, I think we are all pretty ready for school to start back! Time to get back to our routine!

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