Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Southern Museum of Flight

We woke up Saturday morning to yet another rainy day. We had to do SOMETHING, so we decided to head down to the Southern Museum of Flight and check it out. We had not done this before so we thought it might be fun. For $20, it was GREAT! Our boys loved it!
They had several cockpits that the kids can get in and play with all the buttons. Hudson was in heaven...really, this is all he wanted to do. He could probably tell you what half the buttons were for too.

We all liked the mouth on this plane! And above the plane was a helicopter with army guys hanging out of it "shooting" a man in the woods below. It even had noise associated with it. We could have stayed there forever.

 This plane "started up" when you got near it. So neat! Harrison was terrified! Ha!

The kids were mesmerized by all of the missiles on some of the planes and helicopters. It is a little surreal thinking about it all though.

 More cockpits!

 They were begging me to take their picture in front of every plane. It was so funny!

It was maybe a little over an hour of fun for my boys. They were very interested in looking at all of the planes and getting in the ones that they could, but they didn't really care to know about any of the history behind it. We did see a birthday party there and they were doing a history lesson by each plane...not sure my kids could have handled that. But, for what we did, it was fun!

We ended the morning with lunch at Post Office Pies! It was yum!

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