Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Recap

2014 was filled with a lot of ups and downs and craziness. I can honestly say that I am very much looking forward to 2015 being a little more low key of a year, even though it's starting out with a whole lot of uncertainty (will get to that in a minute!).
 I can never really remember what went on in the first few months of the year with my busy season at work going on, but putting your house in the market in mid-February during your busiest time at work was not one of our better decisions! We had showing after showing with no luck for several months. It was quite frustrating. We went ahead and registered Hudson for Kindergarten just in case we would still be in that house!

We did make it down to the beach in April for a long weekend visit and had so much fun despite it being rainy the entire time.

Then in May, we had THE BEST family trip to Disney. We all cannot wait to go back. I think it will definitely be sooner rather than later, and it may involve a big boat next time too! :)

A few days before we went to Disney, we got not one, but two offers on the house! We were able to work it out and were set to close in June! Yay!

 I also had a work trip to Vegas in May, so it was a busy month. And Hudson's last days of preschool...many tears were shed!

We moved in with my parents in June because we could not find a house! We had a contract on a house and then had to back out after the inspection, then I think we made two other offers that we lost out on. It was seriously a very frustrating process! Very soon after moving in with my parents though, we got word of a man who just might want to sell his house, but it wasn't on the market. He let us come look and we made an offer and he took it! Phew! Only problem was that he didn't want to close  as quickly as we we ended up moving in with Joel's parents to be closer to the school.

 The boys and I went to the beach for the week of July 4th. Joel joined us for half the time. It was such a fun week. And I went on a girls trip to the beach in late July! It was an awesome month!

 In August, the boys and I snuck in one last beach trip, and then Hudson started Kindergarten. Cue more tears! Ha!

 We moved into our new house around the beginning of September and I swear we are still unpacking boxes! We told everyone we were never moving again (don't ever say that by the way!).

 We had a great October! It was so busy, but we just love that time of year. It started with a trip to Nashville to see Frozen on Ice and then we celebrated Harrison's 3rd birthday! We had a church festival and lots of Halloween festivities. Such a fun month.

  In November, we welcomed sweet Rooney to the family! And a few days after, Carrie found out she had a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancer. She had surgery and they got it all! It is truly a miracle. She is still undergoing treatment, but we are hopeful that it will be gone for good. I took a trip to California to see her that month and had the best 5 days away!

December was filled with Christmas activities and was crazy busy, but that's normal for us and we love it.

A week before Christmas, Joel found out that his job has been transferred to Houston. He was given a week to decide...which is a little tough to do when you have a family! But, when it's either go or have no job, you gotta do what you gotta do. He will go next week for just a week, and then will be there full time starting in February. They are giving him only one trip home a month (we are hoping this will be negotiable). In the meantime, we have to decide what the kids and I will do. Obviously, everyone and everything we know is here so we would rather not move if we could help it. So, we will see what 2015 brings!

We had a great Christmas despite Hudson being sick with the croup and having fever for 5 days.

We rung in the new year with friends at the Schreiner's house and had such a fun night. We did not make it to midnight and I'm totally ok with that!

We made a lot of memories in 2014, but I am really looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for us. Joel and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year--cannot believe it! So, I'm really hoping that at some point during the year, we will be hanging out somewhere tropical celebrating! Hint, hint! :)

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