Monday, January 19, 2015

Yay for Some Sun!

The sun has finally come back! It has been so dreary around here lately that this ended up being the perfect weekend.
 The boys were glad to have Daddy back in town too! While we are adjusting to life with Joel gone every week, life definitely gets a little easier once that plane touches back down in Birmingham! The good news is that he has scored a trip home every weekend now, which is much better than the original deal of one trip home a month, so we are celebrating with that little victory. The boys have been SO good for me though. Hudson took out the trash last week, AND gave Harrison a bath most nights, among many other helpful things that he pitched in with. And, he asked to do these things. He said he is the man of the house now that Daddy is gone and it is his job! Ha! I guess Joel has given him one heck of a pep talk! We are proud of him though and how he has stepped it he really about to be 6?!?!

 We've had a few tough days with Harrison. He is starting to fight taking a nap and he is just not ready for that (neither am I!). He needs it, otherwise he gets violent. Not sure why that is, but he is a total terror when he doesn't sleep. But he sure is a cutie!

 On Friday I realized his tennis shoes had a hole in the top of both of them so off we went to the shoe store. I knew his feet were big, but I didn't realize how big. He and Hudson are now wearing the same size! I usually order his shoes online so I can pick them out and he has no choice, but since we needed new shoes ASAP, we had to go to the actual store. Well, this resulted in bright blue shoes that he picked out as soon as we walked in, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. He hasn't taken them off since. And, now I'm working on a bright blue spring wardrobe for him! :)

 Harrison had the cutest birthday party to go to on Saturday afternoon at the park for his best buddy, Henry. I was a little worried about a birthday party at the park in January, however, it ended up being the most beautiful day! They rented a little train that rode around the park and these little 3 year olds had the best time. This party will go down in Harrison's mind as being one of the best! He loved it. And we loved the sunshine!

While Harrison and I were at the party, Big Mama took Hudson to the Brick Fair downtown. Hudson had "the best day ever" at the lego show. I've never seen a child so obsessed with legos. He had such a great time with Big Mama...some much needed quality time for the both of them!

We had another great weather day on Sunday. The boys took every truck we own and put them on the front porch and played with them. It was so funny. They spent a lot of time on the trampoline and just playing outside...just what we needed!

We had to drop Joel back off at the airport last night, but thankfully we had a dinner date with Migi and Pops to celebrate Migi's birthday after we dropped him off, so it made it a little easier!

The kids also had today off for MLK Day. We had a great morning at the park with friends and then lunch at Pizza 120. Such fun and so thankful that the sun was out again today and it wasn't freezing!

Now we are looking forward to picking Joel up on Thursday night and heading straight to the circus! Then, it's a full wedding weekend for Allison! We can't wait for all the fun to begin!

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