Friday, October 1, 2010

19 Months

Hudson is 19 months old today. He is turning into a little boy right before our very eyes! Don't let this cute smile fool you...he can be SUCH a mess!!!

This month, Hudson has started to say his name! It is so cute. It sounds more like Hudseen, but hey, it's close! He will see himself in the mirror and quickly tell us who he is. We were at Target recently and he saw a sign with a baby on it and said "Hudseen," like it was a picture of him. I guess that's because we tell him who the baby is in all our pictures at home and now he thinks all baby pictures are of him!

He is also associating things to people. For instance, he will pick up my cell phone and say Mommy (I guess that means I'm on it way too much!). He also talks all the time about Migi and Pops and the boat. I hear that about 5 times a day! When Joel and I are both in the room, Hudson will always identify us and will also say Chloe and Jack's name (our dogs) to make sure we all know who everyone is! It is cute! He talks about Daddy ALL day long when he's not here. Joel says he does the same when I'm not there (I think he's just trying to make me feel loved too), but it's ALL about Daddy most of the time around here! He loves to open the door to our downstairs where the garage is and look and wait for Daddy to come home.

He HATES to have his teeth brushed. You would think we were torturing him. I have to hold him in a head lock to even get the toothbrush in his mouth, and he screams the entire time. I even let him brush my teeth after we're done and I let him hold another toothbrush the whole time. I've tried singing a song to him during it (I would cry too!) and I've tried doing it in the bath--nothing works.

He loves all things that move--cars, trucks, planes, boats, tractors, motorcycles, golf carts (tons in our neighborhood!) etc. and can identify all of them at the appropriate times. I guess that is a typical boy for you!

He also loves all things with buttons to press. We can't pass an elevator without him wanting to get on it and press the button. He loves to press the garage door button. He is also obsessed with keys, especially ones that have the red panic button. Our neighbors probably think we are crazy because Hudson presses the panic button so many times and the car honks non-stop! On the honking note, Hudson loves to hear the horn honk and says "beep beep" to any honking or beeping noise.

Hudson is a little OCD about having his high chair cleaned off when he's done eating. We know he's done when he rips his bib off. He will then pick up his plate and sippy to hand to you, and will clean up every little crumb that is left on his high chair. It is so funny. He has also started putting up toys when we ask him to. I think daycare is doing wonders with this! The other day, he had tupperware in his hands and I asked him if he wanted to go outside, figuring he would drop the tupperware where he was and come on, but he first went and put the tupperware back in the cabinet before coming outside. I was amazed!

He is repeating almost everything that we say. I can't even list all the words that he knows. He loves the word "open", which is more like "opa" to Hudson. It wins the word of the week. We've heard it no less than 1,000 times this week. Everything has to "opa." He also loves to tell us how big baby Elmo is. I need to get this on video because it's so cute. It's a book we have and whenever you show him the book he says "Melmo sooooo big!" I feel like we understand a lot of what comes out of his mouth, and he understands most of what we say as well.

He loves to toilet paper roll the bathrooms and to flush toilets. Like I said, he's a mess. There is no going to the bathroom in peace around here anymore. Speaking of bathroom talk, he says "poo-poo" when he has a dirty diaper (most of the time--sometimes he just says it when he sees a diaper). Either way, I am liking knowing when the big event has happened!

He is taking one nap a day, usually 2.5-4 hours long. He goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps until 7 or 7:30 in the morning (sometimes he gets up before 7, but that is rare and I usually make him stay up there until 7--something about seeing 7 on the clock makes me feel better, especially on my off days!).

Hudson is wearing 2T clothes, but I'm afraid all the clothes that I bought for him this fall aren't going to last very long. He seems to have gone through a growth spurt recently because everything is looking a little short (and all those who know me well know that I don't do short pants--major pet peeve!). Luckily, things to vary by brand and buttons are moveable, so hopefully we can make this stuff last!

This picture below shows a good comparison of how Hudson looked last Christmas as to how he looks now. His Christmas card picture is above him. He is such a little boy now!!! He LOVES climbing up into this chair and getting to the computer (and the bubbles in the cabinet).

And then, here's my crazy child...picture this in motion...

Hudson is SO fun right now. While I do like him going to bed at 7, I have found myself wanting him to stay up later recently because he has been so much fun. I can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

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