Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween at Somerby

Mama Jean invited Hudson and I to the Halloween party at Somerby today. It was actually pretty fun. The old folks just LOVED Hudson! I always love going to see Mama Jean because she loves to show us off to everyone and I always feel like we make their day. Old folks love seeing kids and let me tell you, Hudson gave a performance today! I always worry with Hudson around the elderly because he is not always fond of the gray hair, but today, he did great and was a total ham!

Luckily, Hudson had some experience with the corn hole toss game because we always play it in Mentone. He took the bean bags and did a slam dunk into the hole and all the old ladies (and gentlemen) clapped for him. Of course, he clapped for himself too!

Mama Jean dressed up as a witch. It was a fitting costume for Mama Jean! Ha! Only sort of kidding--if you know Mama Jean, you know she is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say what she's feeling. That's why I love her! She made a good witch and even had a broom! When we went into the party room, Mama Jean went down the line of ladies and hit all of them with her broom. It was hilarious. She is obviously the queen of Somerby. They all know her!

There was a balloon man who made Hudson a poodle balloon, which Hudson promptly took apart. It might or might not have looked like an inappropriate male body part for much of the party. :) He finally took it all apart so it was just a long balloon and that was a lot better! Ha! Here he is hamming it up again.

There was a costume contest among all the residents and I'm not sure if Mama Jean paid someone or not, but she ended up in the top 3 and won 2nd place! Yay Mama Jean! Oh and this is hilarious--once they announced the lady that won (see picture below--the lady that won has the red wig on and some very scary eye makeup), she yelled, "Yay! I need my walker now!" I guess you had to be there, but we were all cracking up.

We also did a cake walk and guessed the number of candy corn in a vase, but didn't have any luck winning those. Oh well, it was fun and thanks Mama Jean for inviting us to spend a couple of hours with you! Can't wait until next year!

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