Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Weekend!

This post is going to be REALLY long! We have had a very busy weekend so you will see why the blog has been somewhat neglected of late.

These two took the red-eye from Cali on Thursday and arrived here first thing that morning. We all went up to the cabin in Mentone for the night.

Check out her bling! It is absolutely beautiful. He did such a great job!

We had a few fun corn hole toss games on the back deck--always a fun time!

Hudson loved the little dogs!

We ate at the Wildflower Thursday night and had a wonderful time. They had live music so Hudson was very entertained.

This picture below was taken Friday morning. I thought Hudson looked so funny with his leg crossed holding the remote. Although it looks like we had a dandy time watching cartoons in bed, he was not interested in the least! This laying down lasted about 2 seconds!

Hudson helping Big Daddy out in the yard...

We went down to Desoto National Park for a short stroll that morning before heading back to Birmingham. Hudson loved holding his grandparents' hands! He wanted nothing to do with me, but that's the usual when any of the grandparents are around!

Hudson doesn't look too happy in this picture...that might be because he did a major nose dive into a rock (see his right eye!). Luckily, he was just scratched and the tears didn't last for long. It could have been bad though! Let's just say that hiking was not his thing (I guess that would make him MY child! Ha!).

We headed back to Birmingham around lunchtime and then headed to Davenport's for dinner and then Boo at the Zoo that night with the Kincaid's. It was FUN!!!

This picture just about sums up the night--Hudson going one way and Hunt the other. I felt bad for poor Megan being 7 months pregnant and having to chase Hunt around that zoo. He was wild! So was Hudson, but Hunt is 4 months older than Hudson so I found out that I am really going to be in for it in a few months. I thought Hudson was fast now, but he was nothing compared to little Hunt!

The puppy dog costume actually went over pretty well. He refused to wear the hat, but that was expected.

We went on a train ride and it was a lot of fun! Hudson looks SLEEPY!

We did the backwards carousel and had to ride the TIGER! Hudson couldn't stop talking about the tiger. It was so cute. He had a blast on it.

There was a ton to do at Boo at the Zoo and we didn't get to all of it. Two hours in, we made it to the carousel and then I started to smell a stinky. It was close to 9 (2 hours past Hudson's normal bedtime!), so we decided to ride the carousel, pet the animals in the petting zoo, and then head out. When we got to the car, I was going to change Hudson's diaper. It smelled so bad by this point that my clothes were starting to smell from holding him. I know, probably TMI! I realized very quickly that this was an explosion so we took Hudson's costume off. It was everywhere! And, to make matters worse, he then peed on himself and the car! I can't remember the last time he has done this! We didn't have enough wipes, so we just had to make do and put Hudson in just a diaper and strapped him in the carseat. Poor buddy, he was so tired, but we had to bathe him when we got home because he stunk so bad. It was not a fun end to the night, but we are still cracking up over it. My, how Friday nights have changed around here! I wouldn't change it for the world though! It was so fun to see Hudson have a blast at the zoo.

Saturday, we dropped Hudson off at my parents house and then headed to Auburn for the game. Wow, what a game we got to go to!!! We put up 65 points against Arkansas...although, it was not like it was a blow out because our defense was so bad. It was exciting though. A big thanks to my parents for keeping Hudson for the whole day so we could go!

I got to see two of my very best friends from college. We stopped at Danielle's tailgate where they were smoking a pig (lost my appetite after seeing a whole pig lying there!). Danielle was on her way back to DC after living in Texas for the last few months, so I'm so glad I got to see her!

We then saw my good friend Meggan and sadly I didn't get a picture of us! She lives in Gulfport so I was SO happy we got to see each other this weekend!

If we look sleepy in the picture below, we ARE! It had been a long day so far and this was towards the end of the game. We were exhausted from all the ups and downs from that game! It was stressful!!! I guess that's typical Auburn fashion though. Thank you Cam Newton. He is AUsome!!!

We got home around 9 last night and watched a little bit of the Bama game before calling it a night. This morning, we headed back over to my parents to visit with Carrie and Andres before they left, and then the whole fam had a celebration lunch for the newly engaged couple! Talk about exhausted...Carrie and Andres went to Tuscaloosa yesterday for the Bama game (yes, she is for the other team), and they left at the end of the third quarter and got home after midnight. I think they were ready to get on the plane so they could get some sleep!

Hudson got into one of my parent's kitchen drawers and found the foil. Before we knew it, he was rolling the kitchen. He and Blaine had a blast playing with it!

After lunch, we said our SAD goodbyes to Carrie and then I headed to Blaine's last baseball game of the season. Blaine did so well at his game! For his first year playing, he was awesome. It was so fun being at the ballpark and I just get giddy thinking about Hudson playing in a few years. I can't wait!!!

I'm exhausted just typing all that we have done over the past few days. I have decided that next weekend is a "no plan" weekend. I might just sit at home ALL weekend and do nothing! Ok, probably not, but right now that sounds so good to me. It was a blast, but I'm TIRED!!!

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