Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm feeling the need to update the blog, but I have been having a hard time coming up with things to blog about. I figured I should update on a few things that Hudson is saying these days because knowing my memory these days, they will be long gone from my mind this time next week!

1. The Golden Arches - Everyone knows what the golden arches are. We would like to keep what they really are a secret for a little while longer! Hudson already eats bad enough...we sure don't need to introduce McDonald's yet! Well, to Hudson, the golden arches are "Nanas." Every time we pass those coveted golden arches, I hear a "nanas" in the back seat and the pointing begins. Some days, there is a little whine that goes along with that, like he's mad that we're not going to climb up there and get him some bananas to eat. That boy loves him some bananas. Don't pass the bananas in the grocery store without being prepared to break one off and give him some!

2. Our next door neighbor has a dog named Louey, aka "Looo-weeeeeee." To say that Hudson is obsessed with Looo-weeeee is an understatement. Every time he goes in the backyard, he has to go see this dog over the fence. There are a lot of days that Louey is inside and so one day, I just decided to tell Hudson that Louey went night night so maybe he wouldn't be so obsessed that day. Wrong! Once was all it took because now, if Louey is not back there, he will tell you no less than 1,000 times that Louey is night night. We also have a little chipmunk that likes to hang out on our front porch and Hudson just loves little "Chip." The other day, I asked Hudson where Chip was and he told me without hesitating that Chip was night night (we had never mentioned this before to him other than about Louey, and that was only once!). He is definitely associating things these days!

3. Whenever Hudson does something good, like put a block on a stack without knocking anything over or something like that, he will say, "Alllllriiiight!!!" It is SO cute! That is my favorite thing right now because he knows when he does something good!

4. When I pick Hudson up from daycare every day, we always have the same conversation about Daddy. He has always been very concerned about where Daddy is. I always responded saying that Daddy was at work. Well, now, as soon as I pick him up, he tells me that Daddy is at work. I say, yes, Hudson, Daddy is at work and we repeat this numerous times on the way home! Sometimes, I will ask him who is at home and he will tell me Mommy, Daddy, Chlo-Chlo, and Jack-Jack are at home. I have also been asking him in the mornings if he's excited about school and if he wants to go see Ms. Taylor and Ms. Allison and he proceeds to tell me about "cool" and always mentions Hadley and Caleb (his little friends at school!) and gets really excited. That makes me a happy mom to know that he's excited about seeing his buds.

5. Hudson loves books. He loves to go grab a book and say "read book." He's very demanding. One of his favorite books right now is Baby Bear Baby Bear What Do You See, and he will point out all the animals and tell you what they are. They aren't just your normal ones like cow and pig and horse. These animals include a squirrel, fox, snake, deer, prairie dog, blue heron (which he calls the blue bird) and of course, a bear. I'm definitely impressed! He is also obsessed with Goodnight Moon and loves to point out and talk about the clocks and the socks and the mittens and the kittens. Oh and of course the red bawoon! He always says "the end" when you are done with a book.

I know these pictures have nothing to do with this post, but I feel bad doing a post without any pictures. These were taken tonight after dinner, hence, the dirty mess that Hudson is! We all went outside and chased bubbles. When Hudson would pop one of the bubbles, he would shake his head and say something about bubbles like "take that, bubbles!". We couldn't understand everything, but he was certainly saying something to that poor bubble. We were cracking up. Anyway, that's all for tonight! Here's to a fun, relaxing weekend, and an AUBURN win!

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