Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Wednesday

Just a few randoms on this Wednesday evening.

Hudson got into the cabinet again and this time, it was pasta all over the floor.

In his defense, he did help me pick every single piece up and only said "uh-oh" a thousand times in the process. He knows that he messed up!

That is asparagus in Hudson's mouth. I think I fainted when he picked it up and headed for the mouth. Granted, he didn't end up eating it, but that is some major progress! Usually, he won't touch any of the greens that I put on his plate. Wait, he doesn't touch anything but the fruit. What was I thinking?

And lastly, this is the cute Halloween costume that I got Hudson. He is obsessed with dogs and I thought this was so cute. I knew he would love it!

You can see just how much he likes it! Ha! I realized after I took these pictures that the little feet were attached to the dog ears. Oh well, I'm pretty sure he is never going to wear the hat anyway! He cried every time I showed him the outfit again tonight. I think we are in for a rough Halloween this year.

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  1. He looks like such a big boy in the picture with the pasta!! I LOVE the Halloween costume! It's kinda even more funny with the crying! I think ML is going to feel the same way about her costume (and I'm sure we'll have a VERY similar picture to document that :) Oh well! This is probably the last year we'll get to pick out their costumes anyway.