Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Torture at the Doc

Poor Hudson has croup. One of the nurses at the doctor today said that his was the worst case she had seen all year! Yikes! It is bad...and scary. He barks like a dog and sometimes can't seem to catch his breath. You can hear him breathing from across the room. It is so raspy sounding...like you just want to cough for him, but you can't. This came on all of a sudden too. I noticed yesterday morning that he had a cough, but had no other symptoms and was otherwise acting fine, but daycare called at 2 yesterday afternoon and said he was in bad shape, and he definitely was. I felt so bad for him. This is way worse than any ear infection that he has had. I was worried that he would stop breathing during the night, which we found out that apparently croup is worse in the night than during the day. We went to the doctor today and was immediately told that it was croup once they heard him breathing. I had a feeling that is what it was since it was going around daycare. Oh the joys of daycare!

While we were there, I had to give him a breathing treatment. I know that several of my friends have had to give their kids breathing treatments for extended periods of time, and now I understand how awful it is! It was absolute torture, and I only had to do it once! I am so glad I don't have to do it again! I had to hold the treatment up to his face for 15 minutes, while holding him and holding his arms down. He got so mad that he threw up on me and him during the treatment. He cried the whole 15 minutes (and kicked and squirmed). It was awful. And then, to make matters worse, he had to get a shot. I'm pretty sure he hated me and everyone else after that doctor's appointment! Poor buddy, it was a rough day.

He is already feeling better though so that is the good news! That stuff worked quickly! I just hope I never have to give him a breathing treatment again. He won't sit in my lap anyway, so having to force him to sit there and hold his arms down was terrible. And, of course I hate having to see him get shots too. I wish I could just have everything done to me instead of him! Hopefully, he is on the mend though and will be all better soon!

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  1. Poor Hudson!! I totally empathize with the extreme behavior at the doctor's office - but I am praying I never have to give ML a breathing treatment. It sound absolutely terrible! I'll keep y'all in my prayers!