Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toilet Trouble and Fallderall

Well, it took 18 months to get interested in toilets around here and now he is addicted.

Notice the toy in the toilet...

Uh oh! Don't flush Hudson! No!!!!

Now that he can open all the doors in the house, he can get to the toilets with ease and they are flushed about 1,000 times a day! I guess it's time to see what is out there for babyproofing toilets!


We have had a great weekend! It was filled with a lot of football, and oh by the way, how about that win for Auburn!?!? It about gave me a heart attack, but a win is a win.

This afternoon, our church and the city of Vestavia held a fall festival. They had a band, jumpy things, a "pony" ride (see below about the "pony"), and several booths set up with clowns, games, and other fun stuff. We had a really fun time! Hudson wore himself out running around that park!

Here he is going down the slide...oh and check out his new shoes! We got him some New Balances this weekend (5 1/2 EXTRA WIDE!!!). I wanted to get him some cute Ked's too, but unfortunately, we couldn't get his foot into them. It was a sad day for Mama. Dad wasn't too sad about Hudson not wearing Ked's!

And here is the "pony." Does this look like a pony to you??? The horse was huge!!! The guide told us we could put Hudson on it and hold him while the horse went around in a circle, but the minute we put him on it, he didn't like it at all! It didn't last long! He did like to pet it though and was talking about the "hore" all day! That's just one of those words that cracks us up all the time...he'll laugh at it some day too! :)

His favorite thing was the band. He threw a fit when we made him leave the area that the band was playing!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. He is getting so big!!! All my kids have found a fascination with the toilet too!

    And YES, Blaine is on Landon's team! Poppy (Ashley's Dad) is the one who made the connection. He is so fun to talk to!

    Maybe we'll see you at a game soon! :-)

  2. ML loves the bathtub. I find random things in it all the time (especially l-o-n-g "swatches" of toilet paper). I'm glad we aren't too interested in the toilet - I have a friend that has twins, and I remember TWO separate instances in which they had to get a plumber out to unclog lines that were clogged with toys! Watch him like a hawk :)