Sunday, September 19, 2010

Auburn-Clemson Game

The three of us headed down to Auburn yesterday for the Auburn-Clemson game. The plan was to tailgate for most of the day, and then Hudson and I would go back to the condo to watch the game while Joel went to the game. We were just going to play the day by ear depending on how Hudson was doing. I was afraid that we would have to spend most of the afternoon at the condo so that he could nap, but we wanted to at least try to tailgate! We could have left Hudson at home, but I just hate to leave him! I want him to experience everything too! The thought did cross our minds to buy him a ticket, but I just couldn't justify the $65 to get him in when he goes to bed at 7!

Hudson cried for the first hour of the ride to Auburn, so we were really worried that this was a really bad idea! Luckily, he finally took a little snooze and was fine when we got there. He LOVED being out with all the tailgaters!!! He didn't fuss a bit and didn't take a nap either, but he was happy as a clam so it was good. It was 95 degrees and MISERABLE outside. Seriously, I have no idea why we thought being outside all day was a good idea.

Aren't they the cutest two boys you have ever seen?!?!?

After visiting friends at a few tailgates (I didn't take a single picture at the tailgates, and we sadly, we didn't get to see everyone), we had to go to the coliseum to cool off for a few minutes. I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. We were pretty much drenched with sweat. Hudson had not one, but two dirty diapers while we were out and about...not fun when you are out in public and all hot and sweaty! Oh well, we survived. Check out Hudson's sweaty head and red face!

He was so good all day! He always amazes me.

Chillaxin' in the stroller!

We found the band and Hudson was fascinated by them!

After tailgating for a while, we made the hike back to the condo and relaxed for a little while before Joel left for the game. I was really jealous that he was getting to go and not me, but things change when you have a child and somebody had to stay with him! I won't lie though, it was so hot that I was sort of glad I could watch it in the AC (and oh so thankful that Joel's parents have a condo for his brother down there that we could stay in!)! He was so exhausted after no nap that he immediately went to bed at 7. He would have gone to bed earlier, but I didn't want him to wake up too early this morning!

Anyway, so the game was nervewrecking as usual (I'm sure ESPN is loving all these good games that Auburn is giving them this year!), but we pulled it out in overtime! I was happy, but I kind of feel like the wrong team won (and I promise that I am a TRUE Auburn fan!). I'll take the win though! And, I don't have to deal with a cranky husband after a loss, so that is probably the best part about winning! Well, I guess I get a little cranky too when we lose! I hate losing! Ha!

When everyone came back to the condo (I have no idea what time it was, but probably around 10 or 11), we all talked for a while and then I went into the bedroom and Hudson was standing up in his pack n play. I guess everyone woke him up. I thought I would be able to put him right back down as we were all trying to go to bed, but it was apparently playtime. So, from 11 to 1 am, we tried to get him to go to sleep. No luck. Our only options were to stay up all night, or get in the car and head back to Birmingham. We ended up packing the car up and heading home, getting home a little after 3 am! That little turkey went to sleep about 30 minutes into the trip home, and only slept until 8 this morning. Needless to say, we pretty much feel like a truck has hit us today.

I'm not sure we'll be making that trip down to Auburn again this year with an 18 month old (I hope we do, but maybe not try spend the night next time!), but it sure was nice to be down on the plains and be a part of the action. We miss having our tickets this year, but it would be hard to figure out what to do with Hudson every weekend, and I just feel so bad leaving him. I know we have many fun years at Auburn games to come and that this stage with Hudson will pass more quickly than we want it to, so for now I am enjoying being with him on Saturdays and trying to teach him to say "War Eagle" and "touchdown"! I will say that I think he's going to LOVE going to games in a few years and I can't wait!!!


  1. Hey! I hate we missed y'all. We were down there too. There were so many people and it was so stinking hot! We went inside the arena to cool off, too. :) It was a long day for us and we didn't have an 18 month old! War Eagle!

  2. WOW Mindy I give you props for taking Hudson down there for the game or really tailgating but was brutally hot!! That would've so been us driving home at 3am if we tried to take C...he would never last. He is coming with us to the La Monroe game since it is at 11am though. :) Sorry for the croup too...that really stinks!!