Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day!

Joel and I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Our family of two turned into a family of three and we are the most thankful for our precious Hudson this year! He is truly a blessing in our lives and we couldn't imagine life without him.

We are also thankful for our sweet families...43 members of Joel's family were present at lunch yesterday...truly amazing!

And to my family, Joel and I missed being with you all this year, but we know that you all had so much fun visiting and eating some yummy food at Mom's house!

Beware, this post is loaded with pictures. I just couldn't decide which ones to weed out so I am posting them all. After all, it was Hudson's very first Thanksgiving! We have to document that!

We ventured up to Weiss Lake Wednesday afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with Joel's family. Hudson was all smiles!

Here is Hudson with Papa John. It took some warming up on Hudson's part to get ok with Papa John, but he eventually got over it!

Hudson got to meet his second cousins Graham (pictured below) and Fletcher, which are the sons of Joel's cousin Joanna, who is also pictured below with Joel's mom and me. Graham is exactly two months older than Hudson and man, he is ALL over the place. I thought Hudson was a handful. I can't imagine what life is going to be like in two months. Joel and I realized this weekend how unprepared we are for Hudson to be truly "on the move." This army crawling thing is nothing. It was great to visit with Joanna and Zack, and Joel's other cousin Jonathan and his wife April, who happily announced that they are expecting a baby in June 2010! So exciting!!! I just wish they all lived closer so we could see them more often. Hudson and Graham are going to have so much fun together in a few years!

Thanksgiving morning started out with a good ole bath in the sink! Haha, we thought this was so funny. We stayed in Papa John's guest house and there wasn't a tub, so we just put Hudson in the sink. He LOVED it!!! Needless to say, we were all soaked after this bath.

After he got all squeaky clean, we watched some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is one of the traditions in my family. I have to watch the parade each year, although it is usually accompanied by some of the best monkey bread and hot tea in the world...Mom said she saved me some this year. I can't wait for Hudson to get all excited about the big balloons in the parade like I used to, but my absolute favorite is seeing the Rockettes every year.
Since we were on the family farm, the tractor outfit just fit right in!

Oh and we had to get a picture on the actual tractor. I'm sick that this turned out blurry because it is such a good picture! Joel wanted to get a picture with him on the big tractor, but we didn't have a chance. I'm sure we'll have many other opportunities to do that!

We went to a nearby hunting lodge and had a GREAT meal with GREAT family! Like I said above, there were 43 people there...including 4 generations.
We tried to get a picture of Hudson and Graham. This was the best we could do. Graham is such a cutie...oh and he has the BEST hair. He is going to be a heartbreaker some day for sure!

Hudson is such a flirt. He loved showing off to anyone who would look at him.

After lunch, we all headed back to the house and Hudson took a 2 and a half hour nap while Joel and I watched Home Alone. What a wonderful Thanksgiving afternoon!
We then ate again Thanksgiving night! I don't know how we were all hungry, but we were. Hudson was still having a blast! He loves getting on Daddy's shoulders.

I forgot to mention that with all the people and babies, we had 6 dogs! Here is our attempt to get all the dogs in one picture. You can see who rules the roost...Shug is the one in the middle and all the other dogs are terrified of him. I'm pretty sure he could eat all of them in one sitting! They have a right to be scared! We are missing one dog in the picture...she's not allowed in the house!

Joel, Hudson and I made it back to Birmingham today just in time to see the Iron Bowl. Hudson was excited about his very first Iron Bowl!

It didn't turn out the way we wanted it to, but our team gave it a valient effort and it was a great game. We don't have much to complain about!

Hudson told me he still loves Auburn anyway...

Actually, he has been calling me "MAMA" for the past 2 days!!! How about another something to be thankful for?!?!?! Greatest sound in the world by far.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm sad that it is over because it really is one of my favorite holidays! I just love being with family, eating good food, and watching some good ole football! Nothing better!

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