Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rooney Turns 2, Soccer Ends, Joel Comes Home!

Just to quickly recap early November, one of the things that the boys and I did was eat out a bunch. Nothing like fine dining, but to be honest, Joel being out of town did make things a little easier for me on the food front. We missed him, but I did not miss cooking one single bit! It's just hard when you don't get home until after 5 a lot of days and then have to cook a whole meal (mostly gluten free at that!) while doing homework, reading, bathing, etc. Below is a picture of one of our eating out excursions...
Moving on, Rooney turned TWO the first weekend in November! Can't believe this little love is already two. Hudson had his last flag football game and then the boys and I drove up to Nashville for her party.
 Of course Carrie went all out and had a truly awesome balloon man! He was a bit hit!

The party was so fun. They had a great turn out considering they have only been in Nashville for a few months. Leave it to Carrie to pick friends up at the park who introduce them to their friends, etc.

 I have no words for this one!!!
We had to get up early the next morning and rush back to Birmingham for Harrison's last soccer game! He had such a fun season and was a goal scoring king. We loved watching him and the rest of his teammates. They were all really good!! 


Of course, the highlight was the trophy!!!

After the game, I had to head straight to the airport for a flight to Charlotte for the night. A day of training was good for my sanity! :) Who would have thought!?!? Haha! The Reed's came and stayed at our house for the night, and then I got back the next night. That Tuesday was the big presidential election!!! I thought it would be good to take the boys to this one. May be one we'll never forget! They did help me fill in some circles and did not make a scene about who to vote for, so it was a win. Let's just say they were more vocal about who they wanted to win than me and I was a little worried they, meaning Hudson, might yell something at my polling location! Of course he probably would have been met with an applause, I did not want to create a scene! Ha!

Wednesday nights until January are being spent at the batting cage. Hudson is in this little hitting league for 3 months and is having a lot of fun. Although it is most likely the most unorganized place in the universe and I about lose my mind every time I go in there (never on time, kids going crazy, baseballs AND bats flying everywhere...it's just an accident waiting to happen and most definitely a daddy thing!!!). He's getting in a lot of good practice with his buddies though, which is what matters most.

Finally, the day came that Joel came home! Well, he didn't actually make it home, but we met him at the cabin on Veteran's Day and stayed the weekend. He was driving back from Virginia and this was a good stopping point, so that's why we did it. However, in hindsight, it probably would have just been better for him to come straight home. He was ready to be home for sure. The boys were so excited to see him! I did not even get a single picture of the reunion, but it was really sweet. I didn't even get a picture of him all weekend. Oh well...

We put Hudson to work blowing the leaves off the court. It was maybe his favorite thing!

 Sweet Chloe girl never gets any blog time. 10 years old and still kicking!!!

 We watched a horrible Auburn/Georgia game while we were up there...

 But we had this view so it wasn't all that bad.

We headed home that Sunday and got back to the real world. Having Joel back home after 5 weeks was quite an adjustment (we knew it would be!), but now we're back in the groove! It took a while for the boys to get over their "only mom can do it" attitude and let Joel help out, but they've gotten over it thankfully. It's good to have the whole team back together for sure!

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