Saturday, December 3, 2016

Auburn Football Game

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we decided to make the trip down to Auburn for our first football game in 2 years! I could not believe it had been that long. It felt so good being back down there, although Auburn is becoming increasingly more unrecognizable from when Joel and I went there. It looks great though! We met up with our friends when we got down there and spent most of the day with them. It's always more fun with buddies!

 It was a beautiful day, but it was FREEZING! And it just got more freezing as the day went on.

They are pretending like they are actually playing football in the street. Haines is hiking the ball to Hudson! Ha!

We went to Tiger Walk, which we thought the boys would enjoy, but really, it was chaos and we couldn't see a thing.

 We tried to get a family selfie!
 We ran into the Merrill's and of course the lovebirds had to give hugs!!!
 And Hudson had the day of his life when he got to see a real live tuba!

We got in the stadium in plenty of time to watch the players warm up, and then the eagle flew right over our heads! It was perfect! The boys loved watching the band do their thing! It was all so exciting for them this time. What a difference a couple of years makes! We used to bring all sorts of things to keep the kids occupied until halftime when we would watch the band and then make our way home. We actually thought we would leave at halftime at this game too since it was so late and we had a 2 hour drive afterwards, but the boys did not want to leave!

Isn't he just so cute?!!?

 Auburn was playing Alabama A&M who has the best band!!! Seriously, they were so good and entertaining. The boys have definitely never seen a band like that. They got to perform at halftime and it was great.

The boys tried their absolute hardest to make it on the jumbo-tron, but they never made it. They sure did do a lot of dancing though! Both boys were really into the game too, which was a first. Hudson is loving watching football these days, so seeing it live was just so exciting. He obviously did not remember the 5 other games he had been to previously!

Auburn won big and we stayed until the 4th quarter! The boys still did not want to leave, but it was close to 10 at that point and we had a long drive back, which actually took almost 3 hours. We really needed to thaw out too! It was a super late night, but lots of fun memories were made!

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