Monday, November 28, 2016

Halloween Festivities

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and I'm just now updating about Halloween. I'm really going to try and get this updated this week!
Carrie came into town the weekend before Halloween and we headed to Boo at the Zoo. Shondra and Morgan came too, and we all had so much fun!

 We got some good cousin time in!

 Hudson ate a cricket! It was disgusting, but he kept wanting more! He is so crazy.

We did a Trunk or Treat with our Sunday school class. I am definitely not crafty and really don't like doing this sort of thing, but I was pretty proud of myself this time. I spent no money on this, and I thought it turned out cute. This was the trial run in our garage.

 All the cute kids!

 We had a really good time and I was glad we went!

Harrison had his last Halloween parade at preschool. Cue the tears!!! All these "lasts" are really getting to me.
 Then it was on to Halloween night where it was literally 90 degrees outside. It definitely did not feel like Halloween this year! But, it was a beautiful night and was not raining, so we'll take it!
We did the hayride in our neighborhood and stayed out way too late trick or treating (for a Monday night!). The kids got entirely too much candy, but we all had so much fun!

 Harrison actually pooped out pretty early. His little legs got tired of walking, so he did a lot of riding on the hay ride.

Check out that sweaty hair! Harrison was long asleep by this time!

Poor Hudson had a homework assignment that required him to sort his candy by type, then count it. And it was due the next day. Like I've said before, 2nd grade is killing us all!!!

It was such a great Halloween this year, but when it was over, I was really glad! It was time to move on!!!

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