Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October Happenings!

The day after we got back from Disney, Joel headed right back out of town for work. He has a big project going on in Virginia and it has required them to be there ever since. We are going on week 5 of him being gone, even on the weekends, but the good news is that he comes back on Friday! The boys and I have been holding down the fort though in what seems like one of the busiest times of the year. It has certainly not been pretty at times, but we are surviving!
Hudson decided he wanted to make tie-dye shirts for his market day at school. This is where they all have to bring in home made items that THEY have made and sell them. They also get the chance to spend the "money" they have earned from their jobs at school. It was such a fun day for Hudson. He loved it and can't wait until the next one in January. In fact, he's already working on it!
Tie-dye was hard to let him do all of it by himself, mainly due to the potential mess. He tied all the shirts up though by himself, and he was the one who actually did the tie-dying, so I would say he pretty much did it all himself! I mixed the colors because I thought that might turn into a disaster! I was very proud of what he did though. And he was solely responsible for making his poster. The shirts turned out way better than I thought they would!!!

The good news is that he sold out of all the shirts! I told him he needed to consider selling them for more than $5, but he said his friends told him they wouldn't pay more. Therefore, he did not make as much as he could have, and he came home saying he should have charged more! :) Good lessons learned. It sure was fun!

Hudson wrapped up flag football and baseball and it was a great season for both!

We went to Old Baker Farm one Saturday to get our pumpkins. It was SO dry that everything was just dusty. These pictures don't even do it justice. We need rain!

 We were determined to find out way out of the corn maize, but were struggling a little bit!

 We made it!!! And didn't even cheat!

 The pumpkins were pretty pitiful out there this year. We did not come home with any good ones, but it didn't matter. It was fun anyway!

We had our fall festival at church and these crazies wanted to be Frankenstein!

We bought our Halloween pajamas! On a side note, I pretty much buy pajamas once a year when they have to wear them for school. We do not have good pajamas that can be worn outside our house anymore!
 Harrison had Wacky Wednesday at school one day!

We filled the rest of our weekends up with Auburn games with friends and football, soccer, and baseball! Oh and preparing for Halloween! That deserves a post on it's own!

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