Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Saw Santa

While I am partial to the purple couch that the Brookwood Mall Santa has to offer, we decided to change things up a bit and see Santa at Bass Pro this year. Santa was GREAT at Bass Pro! And, the pictures were free. Beats the $15 "so so" picture you get at the mall. And, there is a huge kids section that Hudson just loved! Can't complain a bit about our experience. Anyway, without further ado...
 We (meaning my mom and brother in law) turned our backs for a second and all of a sudden, Hudson was sitting in Santa's lap. I have no idea how it happened, but I guess he just walked right up and got in his lap without any hesitation? We were the only ones there so it wasn't a big deal! He said he couldn't wait to sit in Santa's lap, but I still wasn't so sure given his reaction the past 2 years! He has not been a fan. I was so wrong! My baby is growing up! He wasn't scared a bit!

I will tell you who was NOT a fan and that was Harrison!

 Ahhh my classic Santa picture that I so love...

 I'm really not sure I'm going to love the Santa pictures when they are both smiling. What is the fun in that???? I must be a mean mom. I told my mom before we even walked in that Harrison was going to scream and I was putting him on his lap anyway and that she just needed to deal with it. She hates to see him cry, so she is not a fan of this. Me on the other hand, I LOVE this! Haha!

 Hudson had a really long conversation with Santa and told him that he wanted a big Spiderman and that he had to behave or else Santa wouldn't bring him any presents. :) Santa sort of had to push him off his lap (he would have stayed there all day!) and when Hudson got down, he told me that Santa stunk! How funny! I told him I would stink in that suit too if I had to wear it all day! :) Of all the things to say...I love 3 year olds, they just tell it like it is!

Bass Pro had a merry go round too. It was a little boring for Hudson (he would rather be climbing all over the gators and boats and 4 wheelers), but Harrison loved it!

I love how I got the "restrooms" sign in this picture...

It was a fun trip out and my brother in law's first trip to Bass Pro. He definitely got his fill of "rednecks" while we were there!

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