Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rest of Sunday

I really need to get the weekend wrapped up on the blog, but I have the FLU. I feel like I have been hit by a mack truck. I did have a flu shot this year too. According to the doctor yesterday, they aren't working this year. So far, the rest of the family hasn't gotten it and I am praying it stays that way.
I'm already getting bored sitting here all day in bed (and I don't feel like moving so I'm pretty much stuck), so in between trying to work a little and catching up on daytime tv (which is just as bad as it was when I was on maternity leave), I thought it would be good to quickly wrap up Sunday's activities.
After singing in "big church" on Sunday (and Hudson sitting through his first church service like a champ!), we went to lunch with the Reed's. We got home around 1:30 and had to be at another party at 3, so I decided to just punt on the nap. When we got to our neighborhood, I realized that at 2, our neighborhood was having its annual Christmas parade. Why not add in one more activity for the day?!?!? I'm thinking maybe this is why I am sick--it is God's way of telling me to SLOW down and that we don't have to do just everything. It is so fun though! :)
 Hudson's favorite part was the marching band. He is obsessed.

 He got to see Santa one more time and I have a whole purse full of candy that they all threw out. I'm so glad that we went!
 At 3, we headed to the Bridges' house to do our annual gingerbread house and cookie decorating party. Once again, it was a blast. The kids were so cute and they all had so much fun.

We are missing Caroline P. in this one. She was still waking up from her nap! :)

 Margaret made these cute aprons for them and Hudson has not taken his off since! He walks all around the house saying that he is a chef and asking you what you want for dinner!

 Bad picture of Hudson, but they started out with this really cute reindeer craft!

 The finished is next to impossible to get all four of them looking at the same time. Maybe next year?!?!?

 Thank you Margaret for hosting another wonderful afternoon! I hope we continue to do this from year to year!

 This is what I came home to. Harrison stayed home with Joel and napped and Joel had changed his clothes from his church clothes. I always think it is hilarious to see what he puts them in!

That is it for the weekend! It was such a fun weekend full of activities. Hudson is so giddy about everything right now, so it makes the Christmas season even more fun watching it through his eyes. Now, I've just got to get better so we can continue the fun! We are supposed to go to the Nutcracker tomorrow night and I am pretty sure we are going to have to miss it, which makes me so sad! There is always next year though.

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