Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of pictures in this post, mainly of the boys. I don't know why I never take pictures of anyone else, but I don't! Sorry family! We are extremely blessed to have such great families to celebrate Christmas with. I'm sad it's over!
We started out as usual with Christmas Eve lunch at the BCC. We stuffed ourselves silly! We tried to take a family picture. If only Harrison was smiling AT the camera and not at his big brother, it would have been pretty good! His big brother is pretty silly though so I can't blame him.
 Hudson was just a wee bit excited on Christmas Eve!

I think Harrison knew something was up too! He was all smiles both days and was just a pure joy to be around.
 The grandkids at lunch..
We hurried home for quick naps before heading to the Christmas Eve service at church at 4. It was a great service as always! Hudson sat in big church again and loved singing the candlelight Silent Night at the end.  After church, we headed over to the Mills house for a few minutes of fun.

Papa John's 95th Christmas!
I thought Hudson looked so cute (and grown up--sad!), but he HATED his outfit. He wanted the red vest off! :(
 We were only able to stay at the Mill's for about 45 minutes before heading to my parent's house to open presents. Of course, as soon as we got in the car to head to my parents, I checked my phone and I had a voicemail from church saying that they had taken out the boys Christmas pajamas at church and forgot to put them back in the bag. It is a Christmas miracle that they were able to determine that the pajamas were ours. I didn't realize they weren't in the bag when I picked Harrison up, so I would have been very upset had it come time to change the boys into their cute pajamas only for them not to be there! Anyway, so we were way late getting to my parent's house that night so I was worried about how Harrison would do since he goes to bed at 7! He did awesome though! Exceeded all of our expectations and stayed up until 10 pm that night! He never fussed a bit and just had a ball!

Having some goldfish...

 Don't feel bad for Harrison. He can most definitely hold his own!

 Cute boy with a weapon!
Harrison got the hang of the present opening pretty quickly. He did not love that we wouldn't open them completely up once he opened them. You know it takes an act of congress to get toys out of packages! Ha! He also loved just playing with the wrapping paper!
 Hudson got these precious slippers and has not taken them off since!
This is what happens when you grow up. Your name gets crossed out on your stocking and the grandchildren's names go in our place! Boo!

 We got home late that night and waited until the boys were good and asleep before we set up Santa stuff! Love this part!

Hudson came down at 7 am and asked me why I put all that stuff out! I guess he forgot Santa was coming? He was pretty excited about his new spiderman toy. The one thing he really wanted! He hasn't put it down so I guess Santa did good! 

 If you ask Hudson what he wants to be when he grows up, it's a doctor like Dr. John (his pediatrician). I hope he does become Dr. John one day! He has been giving us lots of shots and medicine.

This was one stocking stuffer that Santa messed up on! Phew it's loud!

Mommy got Hudson a camera all for himself since he is always taking mine! He wasn't really into it yesterday, but this morning, he took about a thousand pictures! I can't wait to hook it up to the computer to see what all he took!

 I finally woke Harrison up at 9. He probably would have slept all morning if we had let him! He was out! We had already done presents, so we kind of just did the morning in shifts this year. It worked out just fine!
 Harrison LOVED the roller coaster. He has done it a thousand times and is not scared a bit. He is even climbing on it himself. This kid has no fear.
 Sweet boys in their Christmas pjs!

 Hudson is "cutting" Joel's hair. He says that doctors do that?

 Hudson got a new scooter and it took him a while to really try it out, but once he did, he loved it. He has a cute spiderman helmet that goes with it. I can't wait until it warms up a bit so we can go outside and ride it.
  It was nice being able to take our time that morning without having to rush off somewhere. At 10:30 (which is late for us!), we headed to the Reed's for brunch. There were lots of dogs at the Reed's house and they were locked downstairs. The boys had fun watching them through the glass door!

Happy happy boy! Both boys were just so much fun this year. We had a blast!!!

After brunch, we headed back over to my parent's for lunch with my mom's side of the family. We took a family picture, but it was with my brother's camera so I'll have to add that later. It was fun being with my 95 year old grandparents and my Aunt Ellen and Gerald and my cousin Alan! It has been a while since we celebrated Christmas with them! So glad they could come! Carrie made some fabulous desserts. I wish I had taken pictures. They were to die for. After brunch and lunch, we were pretty much comatose! Ha! The boys had hit their limit so we went home and all took naps!
We had one more stop that night. We headed back over to the Reed's to do Christmas with them! Hudson was still showing off!
 We got some awesome stuff again!

 Batman in his Spiderman sleeping bag!

 We ate another delicious meal and then capped off the night watching Polar Express. Doesn't get much better than that!

What a fun and crazy Christmas we had! We are enjoying our lazy day at home today playing with all of our new toys (and getting Christmas taken down). When it's over, it's over!

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