Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Throwing in the Towel

What's worse than having one child with an ear infection??? TWO kids with ear infections. The ears have won--we are throwing in the towel here! I'm one frustrated mama.

Friday was Hudson's post op appointment at the ENT. We started out with his hearing test, and unfortunately, it couldn't be done because one of his ears was completely clogged. The nurse practitioner told us that it was infected, which I was a little surprised by because the ear never drained. Fast forward to today at our pediatrician's office. I took Hudson with me to Harrison's appointment so that Dr. C. could look at his ears again and see if the drops were helping, and lo and behold, one of the tubes is not in the right place and is on its way out (hence the reason that the ear never drained to begin with!). We didn't even make it two months--it was a lot of money down the tubes too (pun intended!). Dr. C. is going to check it again next week to see if it is really out and then we'll decide what to do. I'm praying that they will re-do it at no cost to us, but I'm sure that won't be the case. Whatever we have to do to get Hudson well is what we'll do though.

Harrison finished up the last of his antibiotic from his last ear infection on Friday, and then Saturday night at 11 pm, he woke up and we could not get him back to sleep. He was hysterical. We would get him to sleep holding him and then put him in his crib and it was just the end of the world. He was in such pain. We tried Tylenol and numbing drops, and it just didn't do anything! Joel got him to fall asleep for a couple of hours, but he was back up at 3 am. I was able to get him to fall asleep on my chest, but of course, that meant I couldn't sleep. So, we got no sleep Saturday night at all. I wanted to wait to see our doctor because he knows our situation and of course he was out of the office on Monday so we didn't get in until today, but sure enough, double ear infection. This is our last try. If this new antibiotic doesn't work, tubes it is.

Despite all of this, we still had a fun weekend. It's getting to be that time of year where we have tons to do on the weekends and it's great.

Friday night, we headed to Mt. Laurel and let Hudson play at the park for a while before going to Area 41 for dinner. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Hudson ate pizza like a big boy for the first time (we didn't have to cut it up--woo hoo!).

Harrison learned to clap on Friday as well! It is so cute!!! It's nice to see those hands not clinched up in a fist all the time!

Saturday morning, we had Caroline's 3rd birthday party at McWane. It was such fun! I think we might have to copy that idea one year.

They started out showing the kids several animals and they all loved it. They had cake and ice cream after that and then it was time to roam McWane.

Hudson and Hunt--Hudson is obsessed with Hunt. He has to do everything Hunt does!

One of Hudson's favorite things about the party was the slap bracelet that was in his goody bag. It is hilarious. It takes me back to junior high when slap bracelets were the fad! And no, I'm not concerned that my SON likes a slap bracelet at all. :)

Saturday night, I went with some friends to celebrate Kristen's birthday at Chuck's. The food was delish and it was so much fun to spend a few hours away with friends! Of course, had I known we would get no sleep that night, I might not have stayed out so late!

Sunday morning, we were all zombies, but I had to teach in Hudson's Sunday school class. No rest for the weary! I love it though, so it wasn't too bad. We came home after Sunday School and Hudson took an early nap (Harrison stayed home with Joel and pretty much slept the entire day!). Once he and Harrison got up, we all headed to our Sunday school class Easter egg hunt! Hudson was pumped about it. We had practiced the day before, so he was ready! He definitely "got" it and got a bunch of eggs--so much so that we were begging him to give some to the smaller kids that were just learning how to hunt eggs. That was us last year and I got so mad at the big kids for taking all the eggs. Now, my kid is the big kid taking all the eggs and I feel kind of bad!

Harrison was feeling MUCH better by the afternoon.

I'm pretty positive that he ate most of the candy that was in those eggs before we left the park! Oh well, what fun it was!

I hate that there is a glare right on my face! We tried to get a family pic...

Harrison and his girlfriends, Katherine and Lillie!

After the Easter egg hunt, we headed to the Reed's for dinner. It really was a fun weekend. I'm frustrated with the ear thing, but I say it time and time again that it could be a lot worse.

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