Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!

Today is Hudson's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it has been 3 years. It has flown by. This birthday has been so much fun. He woke up this morning and came downstairs singing Happy Birthday to himself. It was hilarious. He immediately wanted to know when we were heading to the fire station. It's hard to explain that today was his birthday, but that his party wasn't until Saturday! He was ready to go today!

I made him take the obligatory 3 year old picture in his birthday shirt. He was cheesing it up (I promise there was not a reward for smiling at all--ha!).

I love this kid!

We have had a fun time celebrating Hudson's special day. We started out the morning with a trip to Krispy Kreme for a donut and chocolate milk.

I know it is Hudson's day, but this little guy was too cute to leave out!

He was sugared up ALL day. I loved seeing him so giddy about it being his birthday!

Hudson went to school for a bit and I sent cupcakes that he helped me put icing and sprinkles on last night. On a side note, after we were done last night, Hudson thanked me for helping him make cupcakes. :) Sweet boy.

Joel came home from work early and Big Mama and Big Daddy came over to bring a few presents for Mr. Hudson. He LOVED this tool bench! We have since put it together and Hudson threw a fit tonight when we told him he had to go to bed. He did not want to stop playing with his tools!

He got a monster truck and also a remote controlled rat, which might be the funniest thing I have ever seen and has already provided lots of entertainment for all of us, including the dogs!

He then got to open his gifts from us! Can you tell he's excited?!?!?

He was so funny unwrapping the presents. He would not look at the present until ALL of the wrapping paper was off it. He doesn't look too happy with the easel that he got below, but trust me, he kept talking about wanting to go paint the whole night. We have not put it together yet, but I have a feeling the paint part might get "misplaced" for a while! :) We're going to have to set some rules with this thing, especially since we already have yellow highlighter all over our white kitchen cabinets, but I think he's really going to love it. He's very into coloring, drawing pictures, and even spelling these days (not that he knows how to write what he spells yet, but he will spell his name out loud and "write" it on the paper).

I ran across a book deal a few weeks ago in which you got 10 classic children's books for $16, which included shipping. I could not pass it up. Hudson LOVES books, so these were a hit too (of course not near as big of a hit as the other toys, but that was to be expected!). Joel and I were excited to get him some new books because we get kind of tired of reading the same books over and over again every night!

He also got a t-ball set and you know I was proud when he was able to hit it off the tee on the first try. I got the biggest kick out of Joel when he was trying to teach Hudson how to hit it off the tee. He said you have to bend your knees, hold the bat back, keep your head down, and when Joel took a swing, he whiffed! I almost fell on the ground I was laughing so hard. Oh and he's a lefty, so it's just different for us righties trying to teach him the way to do things (not that he was really interested in us teaching him anyway--he's all about doing it himself!). I think we'll have fun with this though!

To end the night, we took Hudson to Sol Azteca to eat his favorite, a quesadilla. We even got the mariachi band to sing Happy Birthday to him!

This was his look the entire time that they were singing to him...

Scared? Not sure! He absolutely would not wear the sombrero (which was a-ok with us as who knows who has worn that hat previously!). He did talk to Unkin Stuart after dinner and told him all about the band that sang Happy Birthday to him. He was very proud, so I guess he enjoyed it!

It has been such a fun birthday for Hudson. He totally "gets" it this year, which I just love! Now we are looking forward to celebrating with his little friends at his party on Saturday!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you so so so much!!!

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