Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview With My 3 Year Old

I did a little interview with Hudson on his birthday and here are just a few things about him at age 3 (and I'm writing them down exactly as he said them!):

1. Favorite color - Red, because I have red on my shirt. And blue and green.
2. Best friend - Caleb is my best friend.
3. Favorite movie - Lion King
4. Favorite cartoon - Toy Story (I guess Toy Story is a cartoon!)
4. Favorite snack - Peanut jelly (short for peanut butter & jelly--not snack food around here, but oh well!)
5. Favorite drink - Red juice
6. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast - silly bar (cereal bar)
7. Favorite thing to wear - underwear (what???)
8. Favorite toy - Remote control (again, what???)
9. Favorite food - Strawberries
10. Favorite book - Crocodile book (not sure what that one is, maybe something at school?)
11. Favorite animal - Tiger (we've taught him something right!)
12. Favorite animal at the "zoof" (this question was per his request) - Elephant (I take the previous comment back!)
13. Favorite dessert - chocket pudding
14. Favorite thing to do at the lake - Drive Pops' boat
15. Favorite thing to do at the cabin - play with my train
16. Favorite thing to eat at a restaurant - lemonade
17. Favorite song - "Mommy, don't like that" (obviously, we were through!)

It was fun interviewing him! I'll have to ask him the same questions next year and see how things change. I was hoping he would answer the song question because this boy LOVES him some music. He loves to dance. He has to have music on in the car and he dances the whole time. He knows what the "head bang" is. He used to "play" the guitar too. Right now his thing is the drums. He's always playing the drums. He asked for drums for his birthday, but I wanted to maintain my sanity. Sorry buddy. Maybe when you're 21 and on your own (although that makes me really sad to think about that!)!

While he does love music, he can also hit a ball on the fly with a bat! I am so impressed. Forget the tee. He can hit it if you throw it to him. Not every time, but hey, for 3 years old, I couldn't believe he can do it! Now I've just got to teach him how to be a pitcher since he's a lefty and we might have a major leaguer! :)

Hudson is also recognizing his letters and wants to know how everything is spelled. He thinks most everything is spelled H-U-D-S-O-N, but he's been known to add a "Y" also because he's heard me spell "Mommy" a time or two!

He wants to what everything is that we pass. Sometimes, I just have no idea so I make something up and he's just happy as a clam! I love being in this stage where anything I say is right! Ha! If only Joel would start believing that! :) He's starting saying, "You're right, Mommy" and I think it's hilarious.

If he's resisting bedtime, he'll put himself in timeout. What do you do?!?!

He knows how to work the Ipad. It's crazy how much he knows what to do. It's just weird hearing him say, "Ipad!" He can pick which apps he wants to do, and he somehow has figured out how to watch train videos too! Although tonight, we realized that we need to start monitoring his use of the Ipad. Somehow, he had found his way to things that no 3 year old should see! Oops! Good thing he really had no idea what he was looking at, or hearing for that matter.

Hudson is really starting to pay more attention to Harrison and it really makes my heart happy! It's this indescribable feeling watching them interact. I can't wait to watch their relationship progress as they grow together.

Eating--Hudson has starting eating veggies!!! Cue the Halleluja chorus right now! There is still some bribery there to get him to eat them, but he will eat more than one bite now and sometimes, I think he actually likes them! His favorite is okra...fried of course!

Potty training--SOON! I have the book on the 3 day boot camp method and if this method works, then it must be good! Hudson still has NO interest in using the potty. He still cries when we talk about it. And apparently, there's monsters in the toilet. He's (and WE) are about to be in for a rough few days, but I'm determined to get it done. It's time. Now, if I could just get 3 days in a row to stay home and have nothing to do...

Ok, I just felt the need to do an update on Hudson at 3 years old. I'm also adding some pictures of Max's third birthday party at the Oak Mountain Petting Zoo on Saturday. What a beautiful day we had!

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