Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Baby and Some Potty Training

Look who is feeling better!

He's back to his happy self, for now.

Hudson got some birthday money from Mama Jean on Friday and we went straight to pick out some new pajamas (I know, not exciting, but he needed pj's and NOT more toys!). Hudson got to pick them out all by himself which was so fun for him. We got home around lunchtime and he wanted to immediately put them on. Well, I wasn't going to argue with that! He was very proud! Too bad we can't have pajama day every day.

Saturday morning, we had several things going on (birthday party, church Easter egg hunt, etc.), however, Hudson had other plans. Up until now, he has had no interest in putting on big boy underwear. I've said this before, but every time we would mention it, he would start to cry. From time to time, we'll say to Hudson, "Let's go put your big boy underwear on," and normally, that starts a big fit, but Saturday morning I mentioned it and he wanted to do it so of course, I jumped on the chance. Within 5 minutes of putting it on, he had an accident. We didn't make a big deal out of it. We just put some new big boy underwear on and went on (of course, telling him he needed to let us know when he needed to go again!). After breakfast, I watched him like a hawk because you know what comes after breakfast. :) I caught "it" occurring and ran him to the potty and he did it! He was so proud of himself! That is the first time EVER that he has done anything on the potty. He got a treat and jumped up and down and gave hugs and all was well in the world and I had a glimmer of hope!

We decided to scratch all plans for the morning and work on it because obviously, he is 3 and it is TIME to do this. I set the timer on my phone for every 15 minutes and he was very compliant with it. He picked out what sound the phone was going to make when it was potty time and every time, we went and sat on the potty. He didn't resist at all--no tears at all! We had no action though. I loaded him up with juice too, but still, no potty action. Mid morning, I just knew he had to go so I took him a little more often than every 15 minutes, and asked him every couple of minutes in between if he had to go. Well if that little boy didn't have an accident 30 seconds after I asked him if he had to go! Geez.

So, then it got to be lunchtime and we were all getting a little antsy. It had been a pretty long morning watching his every move. I wanted him to go one more time before we got out of the house, whether it was in the potty or an accident. He would not go and I knew he had to go. I'm sad to report that frustration got the best of us and we put a diaper on him and left and haven't looked back. I know, failure. But, I know we took a step forward in that he wore his big boy underwear for a long while and actually went and sat on the potty every 15 minutes all morning long. We'll get there. I know that I have to be more dedicated to it. I think I just wasn't prepared for this weekend being the weekend. I'm going to try again soon though and be prepared to not leave the house and have activities planned and such--you know, actually do the 3 day bootcamp like I said I was going to do that is supposed to work! Anyway, enough about that.

While we were hanging around the house on Saturday, Joel finally put together Hudson's "picture painting." I don't know why Hudson calls it that, but to say he loves it is a huge understatement! It has provided a lot of fun this weekend!

We took a really long walk around the neighborhood, with a stop at the park along the way late Saturday before the rain came. Did I mention that I got that double jogger??? I am loving it! Today, the boys and I went to church and then we all headed out to the outlets for a bit before Joel cut the grass for the first time this year. And, 3 hours later, he was done. He loves it! :)

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