Monday, April 16, 2012


Our church put on a 4 week t-ball clinic for 3-5 year olds and we thought it would be fun for Hudson and his buddies to do it. We weren't sure how it would go, but for $20 total, it was worth it for us to get him outside and running around, and maybe he would learn a little bit too! Seeing as though we bought him the glove 2 days prior, we were not expecting much! We had our first one on Saturday morning and it was hilarious!

First of all, the area where the clinic was had a playground in plain sight right next to it, so Hudson kept asking over and over again if he could go play on it. It was such a distraction! Ha! We made him wait until it was over though!

Joel and I both went, with the thought that Joel would be out on the field with Hudson and I would be with Harrison. You know, so the mommies could hang out and talk and the daddies could have some time with their boys. Of course, Haines and Hudson both wanted their mommies on the field with them, so at one point, the daddies were holding the babies and the mommies were on the field. There was something wrong with that picture! It was so funny though.

They practiced catching and throwing first and it was really hard for him to pay attention longer than a few throws and catches at a time. We just went with it though!

He really does have a good arm, but we gotta work on him stepping with the right foot!

Finally, it was time for running the bases and hitting. They all ran the bases first. Of course, Hudson would only run to first base and then he bowed out, but most of them ran all the way aroound. Then, each child got to practice hitting the ball off the tee.

Hudson hit one pretty good one and then hit the tee the rest of the time. The bat was really heavy for him, but he tried and that was all that mattered. I think he had fun doing it!

These two played on the side. Harrison is not too happy that sweet Sarah took his giraffe! :)

Already putting his arm around her...

I think Hudson had more fun with the helmets and of course the snack break, than anything else!
These two are obsessed with each other!

Silly, silly boys.

The Bridges, Powells, Stephens, and us (and our 7 kids combined!) all went out for lunch afterwards and I think we were that group that everyone stared at--you know, the ones who can't corral their kids?!?! It was a good time though and I think we successfully wore all the kids out. I even got a 2 hour nap that afternoon! Woo hoo! Hudson was definitely a little young for the t-ball, but I think it was good for him to get out there. It pretty much went how we expected it to go, but we'll go back for sure.

Harrison was pretty excited to get his giraffe back! :)

Yesterday, I took the boys on an all morning walk around the neighborhood while Joel did yardwork. We hit up two parks and watched some real baseball at the ballpark in the process and they had so much fun! I can hardly move today because we walked so far and that stroller isn't light with those two chunkers in it, but I needed it!

Here's to a 2 day work week (hooray for the end of busy season!) and a couple of days of ME time (which means some major shopping is going to happen), and then off to the cabin for a long weekend. Can't wait!

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