Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seeing Santa--Part Two

The blog is behind! I have a lot to update on from the past week. We have had the best few days with our families and are sad that Christmas is over already!

Ok, so to back up to last Wednesday night. There is a house in Vestavia that has Santa every year. They have been doing it for as long as I can remember, although, I had never gone to it--you need a child to do it with! It's a drive by sort of thing--roll down your window, meet Santa, his elves, Frosty, etc. and then move on. The line is backed up for forever, and they have the police out there and everything. It is a big deal. And, they have it down to a fine science--even so much so that when you get to Santa, he KNOWS your name already. It's cool stuff.

We knew how this was going to turn out, but we wanted to go anyway! The Reed's drove us so they could experience it too. It was exciting. We got there about 10 minutes early and the line was already so long so we had to wait. Here we are passing the time...

Had I known Hudson would be smiling, I wouldn't have been so silly! Ha!

We're almost there! Santa was in sight! We didn't get a picture of them, but there were about 20 of Santa's elves dancing and jumping around to music that was blasting down the street. They came to our window, asked Hudson what his name was (then rushed to Santa to give him the heads up--a very nice and personal touch!), gave him a candy cane, and we moved on!

And the meltdown begins! You can't see his face, but he's screaming!

Santa tried to befriend him by giving him two stuffed animals (which he STILL won't touch!), but to no avail. He hated him, again. He about jumped all the way across the seat to get away from him!

Back at the house, safe and sound with Pops. This was the last time he touched these stuffed animals. Poor thing sees them and mentions Santa and is scared to death. Oh well.

Hopefully next year, he will like Santa more! I think he liked the fact that Santa brought him gifts. We'll probably go back next year; I think it will be really fun when Hudson actually likes him and is excited about seeing him. Joel thinks that Hudson is going to think that Santa lives at the Roddam's, but I told him that we would tell him that he's just visiting family. :)

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