Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Chaos 2010

It is so nice that both of our families are in town. We never have to travel at Christmas, and we never have to miss a thing. BUT, with that said, Christmas is a bit chaotic and I think we spend just as much time in the car driving back and forth as we do with our families! It is a blast though and we wouldn't want to change anything about it! Having a child makes it all the more fun too! It's like we get to relive our childhood again! We are also thankful for the few days after Christmas that we can do nothing!

Christmas Eve started out with the Whitt family lunch at the BCC. It's a tradition we have done every year for as long as I can remember. Carrie and I always get a Shirley Temple to drink (can we say we are 12!), and we always have to see the lady with the present on her head. It wouldn't be Christmas without those two things! Ha! Anyway, we ate our hearts out again this year and it was a great kickoff to the Christmas holiday.

There were some squirrels outside the window near our table and Hudson would have stayed there and watched them the entire time if we had let him!

Carrie and Blaine--too bad we couldn't get Blaine to look up. It would have been a cute picture! He's in the stage that picture taking is not cool.

As usual, Hudson wouldn't stay in his high chair so Joel and I spent most of our time chasing him around. He was eating up all the attention!

Sweet Morgan and Hudson!

Our first family picture of the day...

It took all of 5 minutes after we left lunch for Hudson to fall asleep. He was already worn out and we had a LONG night ahead!

Hudson got to sleep for about an hour and a half (his normal nap is 3 hours!) before we had to wake him up for church. I wasn't about to miss our Christmas Eve candlelight service! It is awesome. All of the Reed family met us there and then after that, we headed to Joel's aunt and uncle's house for dinner.

Hudson was wired the entire night! He kept running in circles around their kitchen island. It was so cute. He had his six year old second cousin Mark chasing him and it was a blast.

Eating one of the many cookies he consumed over 2 days!

I realized after we left that I took no pictures of anyone besides Hudson. That is terrible, but I did it the whole time. We only have pictures of Hudson! Oops!

After dinner, we headed to my parent's house for opening presents. It was after 7 at this point and Hudson normally goes to bed at 7! He hung in there though. He had a lot of chocolate to help keep his energy up! Ha!

The first present Hudson got was this HUGE stuffed dog. It's massive. He kept calling him "Big Doggie" the whole night and so that's his name.

All of the kids had fun with Big Doggie.

We were all very blessed this year and had a blast opening presents and spending time with each other. It was so much fun watching Hudson tear through that wrapping paper and seeing his face when he got to the gift was priceless. Every gift had to be opened right then. Here is one of his favorites...a "tiretruck!" He also got a vaccum cleaner from Aunt Carrie that he loves!

I know I have probably mentioned this before, but Carrie's fiance Andres is a huge Oregon Duck fan, so we knew that this Christmas was going to be interesting! When we got to my parent's house, my dad had on a shirt that said "Pluck the Ducks" and then each of the boys got one to match. Andres wasn't going to let my dad win, so he came prepared as well, and handed out Oregon t-shirts, hats, and even a duck call. We had a little fun with the Oregon attire...

I do like the Oregon colors and especially their uniforms! Morgan was so funny about her Oregon shirt. She did not want to put it on and right after the picture was taken, she ripped it off and threw it and said "yuck!" They have taught her well! She hasn't missed a football game in several years though, so she's a huge Auburn fan and can tell you all about Cam Newton!

We weren't going to let Andres get away without a picture in his Auburn gear. He was a good sport. You can't really tell, but he has a tiger tail on too! So funny! Oh and it's torture for Carrie too because she is a University of Alabama graduate!

By the time we left my parents, it was LATE! Santa still had to come, and Santa still had to put together a 130 piece train set that Santa bought at the last minute (without the help of Mrs. Claus I might add!)! Everything else had been put together early in the week, but that train set took forever (and lasted about 2 seconds the next morning before it got messed up!). I have to say though, it was kind of fun staying up with Santa...this side of things is WAY more fun!

I was so excited for Hudson that I could hardly sleep. I couldn't wait for him to see what Santa brought! I have to say that the "giving" of Christmas far exceeds the receiving!!! It is

Hudson was a little overwhelmed on Christmas morning. We were videotaping him coming into the den, and he was very hesitant at first and wanted to hold my hand--I think he thought Santa might actually be in the den and he wasn't so sure about that! Once he saw that Santa was not there, he was fine! He went to his riding toy first and pressed the button to make it go (wouldn't get on it), and then headed straight to the yard tools, which we knew would be the hit. He wouldn't put those down! He got a weedeater, a blower, a chainsaw, and a lawnmower (he already has a lawnmower, but this one came with the set). These were awesome and I highly recommend it for all the little boys out there.

We couldn't get Hudson to go into the ball pit at first, but the dogs loved it, so this is Hudson watching one of the dogs in there. By the way, the ball pit turned out to be HUGE. We didn't know it was going to be that big, but he loves it now. Once we get it in its right spot downstairs, I think it's going to be a big hit too.

He loves the train too. Like I said before, the train is elevated a bit and Hudson knocked it down almost immediately (which we were expecting he would do!). He kept saying "Oh no" over and over again. Luckily, Daddy is pretty good at the train thing and made him a smaller track with it later on. It's hopefully going to be put on a train table soon!

Hudson got some books, some bath crayons, and then checked out what was in his stocking. It was full of cars, firetrucks, and bouncy balls. His favorites!

Is this a happy face or what?!?!?

He finally ventured into the ball pit and we could not get him out! He was having a blast going through the tunnels and playing with all the balls!

After we played for about an hour, it was time to head to the Reed's. Did I mention that it was SNOWING!!! We had a white Christmas and it was beautiful. And wouldn't you know it, I took not one picture of the snow!

Hudson was in for a real treat at the Reed's. He got his very own TRACTOR!

He was in heaven. It was awesome! He hasn't learned how to pedal yet, but I don't think it will take long.

Hudson just had to take his new chainsaw over to the Reed's and he loved "sawing" people! So funny.

We had brunch with the Reed's and then headed back to my parent's for lunch. Yes, we ate twice within an hour! And, it was all GOOD!!! We do Christmas Day lunch with my grandparents so it was great to be with them. Hudson had more than his share of cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. After lunch, we were exhausted to say the least. We all took a nap and then headed back to Joel's aunt and uncle's house for soup to wrap up the holiday. We've had the best past couple of days watching Hudson play with all of his new stuff. And, Joel still has to put together a swing set that he got too! We are so looking forward to having that! Whew, I'm tired just typing all of this so if you made it this long, I'm proud of you. It was a wonderful Christmas to say the least. We are so blessed!

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