Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hudson's Class Christmas Party

I LOVE going to Hudson's class parties. I love seeing all the other kids in the class and I can finally put a face to the names that Hudson says over and over again each day when I ask him who is in his class. Friday, Hudson had his Christmas party. He doesn't normally go on Fridays, but I didn't want him to miss it and I took the opportunity to get some shopping done that morning without my little buddy and headed to his party at noon.

He did a little better than he did at the Thanksgiving party. He didn't cling to me as much, but he still never let me get about two feet away from him. Poor thing thought I was going to leave him. Each child had to bring a $10 gift for another child in the room. It was fun to watch Hudson open his present! Unfortunately, the present he got was a big hit and the other kids wanted to play with it. See the picture below! The kid behind Hudson kept stealing it and I finally put it up, and the kid threw the biggest fit you have ever seen. Everyone was looking at me like I did something to him!

Hudson's favorite gift was one that his teacher gave him. It was a book in the shape of a car that had wheels on it so he could play with it as a car, or he could read it as a book! I wanted to see Hudson in action in the room, so I asked him if he wanted to go see-saw and he was all about that! These two boys had a blast!

Can you tell he was having fun?!?!?

Hudson made us a couple of ornaments for our tree. They were so cute and personal and have a front and center spot on the Christmas tree! I love them. It was a great party and we are looking forward to the rest of the festivities over the next week!

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