Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weekend...The Good and the Bad


Hudson was introduced to ketchup and LOVED it!

Hmmm...maybe I can cover some veggies in ketchup and see how that goes???

Joel went to the lake early Saturday morning to help his family do some work and Hudson and I had some excellent bonding time! We started out the day with a big breakfast and then watched Funniest Animals on Animal Planet after that. He has never had any interest in the tv before, but he was cracking up over this show. He actually sat there and watched the whole show with me! When the commercials came on, he would hold his hands out as if to say, "Where did the animals go?" It was so much fun having that snuggle time!

We then ventured to the pool with my friend Cameron, and Hudson had so much fun swimming and then playing with the hose. He kept wanting to jump to me in the deep end though. That's pretty tough when you are trying to catch a 26 pounder and treading water at the same time! I definitely got my workout!

After the pool, we went and ate at Moe's and then had ice cream. Hudson was flat worn out after ice cream so we went home and he took a 3 1/2 hour nap! What could be better than that?!?! It was a great Saturday so far!

Then, there came THE BAD:

Hudson woke up from his nap and when I was bringing him down the stairs, my ankle completely gave out and down we went--my worst fear since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I managed to hold onto him as we went down and we only fell a couple of steps thank goodness because we were only few steps from the top when it happened. It could have been WAY worse. I started crying because my ankle hurt so bad and we were both traumatized. I just kept thinking we could have fallen down the whole flight and who knows what might have happened. Hudson was crying, but I figured I had just scared him because he didn't hit is head or anything--he was still safely in my arms. Joel (which was home by then thankfully) came running and got us both down the stairs. Hudson kept on crying and wouldn't let go of us and we couldn't figure out why until I looked at his foot and it was red. Then, we tried getting him to stand on it, and he wouldn't put any pressure on it. He screamed when we tried to even touch it. It was awful.

We went straight to the after hours center at Children's South to get it checked out. We both just knew he had broken something in his foot the way that he was acting. I had a lump in my throat and felt so sick. I still kind of do a day later. Over two hours later (8 pm by this time and no dinner yet for the H-man so you can imagine how rough those two hours in that little room were!), we found out that it wasn't broken thankfully, but that it was just really badly bruised. I had so much relief, but he was still in so much pain. They wrapped it up and he has to keep the wrap on for two days, but that's all. Words cannot express how bad I feel that it happened to him, broken foot or not. I still hurt him and that just hurts my heart so bad.

He still can't put any pressure on it today so it has been a very hard day at the Reed household. He is crawling around, but for the most part, he has just sat in one place. I would say that it has been nice for him to be somewhat immobile for the day, but I don't feel that way. I miss my ball of energy running around and wearing me out!

He is still smiling though, so I know it is feeling a little bit better!

To top it all off, when we got back from the hospital last night, Joel started to get chills and now he is sick. Joel is the typical man when he is sick--it's like he can't do anything. It is so frustrating. Why is it that when I get sick, nothing in my daily routine gets to change, but when he's sick, he gets to lay in the bed all day and make us feel sorry for him? Ugh!

This week coming up has GOT to be better! I'm tired of writing about all this bad luck we've had recently!

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  1. OMG you sound just like me!! Justin got sick this whole w/e with the same thing it sounds like...he had chills with a fever but is finally normal tonight. I def. had a "single mom" kind of w/e which was fine but a bit tiring since I had to do everything. :) I so feel for you with your little tumble...I'm so afraid of doing the same with C!! Glad he is doing better!!