Monday, July 12, 2010


Hudson got to spend a day at home with Mom and Dad today because guess what, he has another ear infection. Shocker, right?!?! We went to Sunday school yesterday morning and then went out to lunch afterwards and Hudson was just terrible. He refused to eat, fussed the entire time, and was miserable. We knew something was up and sure enough, we came home and took his temp and he had a fever. He was SO pitiful all yesterday afternoon. This morning we woke up and he didn't have a fever, but we kept him home anyway and Joel took him to the doctor this afternoon. I have no idea why we went. Another co-pay and an oral antibiotic later (which they told us to fill only if his fever spiked up again because they felt like he was becoming immune to the antibiotics), he is still sick. We have been doing a vinegar and water treatment to flush his ears out, which by the way, really does work and it is supposed to kill the infection too. He hates it as you can imagine, but it beats being on an antibiotic and getting the worst diaper rash in the world! They want us to just wait this one out and see if he gets over it on his own. We were also told to head to the ENT. I'm so sick of this and I feel terrible for Hudson and his poor ears. This makes a whopping 5 ear infections just since he got the tubes in March.

Anyway, on another note, Hudson has had so much fun with his sunglasses lately. Most of the time, he wears them around his neck like a frat boy, but today, he wore them all over the house. It was so funny.

You can tell he doesn't feel the best...

He even read his book with his shades on...

And climbed up and down the stairs...(can you tell he's thrilled that I'm taking his picture?!?!)

I finally got a smile! I asked him to show me his teeth and he did!

Hopefully, he will be all better in the morning.

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  1. Aww poor little guy! C has been fussy a lot recently too but I think it is just b/c his canines are coming in. Interesting point about the vinegar & water thing...never heard of that! We need to get our boys together sometime!!!