Monday, July 5, 2010

First Haircut

Hudson finally got his first haircut on Friday. I wanted to make his first haircut special, and I knew that Sweet N Sassy in Hoover made a big deal out of a baby's first haircut so that's where I wanted to go. They do a certificate of their first haircut and give you some of the hair they cut, etc. Two Fridays ago, I picked up Joel from work and we headed there (I knew I couldn't handle this on my own and take pictures too!), only to find out that they were completely booked for the day. I didn't know we needed an appointment! Let me just tell you, I knew that place was girly going into it, but like I said, I wanted his first haircut to be special! I didn't exactly tell Joel how girly it was. He about had a fit when we went in there and made a point to tell Hudson that he was spared that time and to count his lucky stars. Oh well, I was still determined. So, this past Friday, I called Sweet N Sassy first thing in the morning and guess what, they were booked AGAIN! So frustrating. I was so ready for his hair to be cut that we just decided to go down to Angel Hair in Crestline and get it done.

Much to my surprise, Hudson was a perfect little angel! He just sat there the whole time. We didn't have to hold him or anything. He let her cut all around his face and didn't even get mad or swat her hand away or anything!

This is the after shot...we couldn't get a smile out of him.

She didn't cut much (taking baby steps here), but it is cleaned up and the curls seem even curlier with shorter hair! The grandparents are still happy! I did get to keep some of his curls that she cut off to put in the baby book. It was a very pleasant trip!

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